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  • The reconnaissance machines.
  • Aerial reconnaissance on its trial.
  • The reconnaissance party had run into an ambuscade!
  • Une reconnaissance complémentaire était nécessaire.
  • Their motor-car reconnaissance to Bruges.
  • A Bolo reconnaissance patrol surprised and caught him.
  • La reconnaissance seule la retenait auprès de Zobéide.
  • La Reconnaissance au Maroc.
  • A reconnaissance camera has very little in common with a kodak.
  • The men on reconnaissance duty retired, as is their business.
  • Faites commander cette reconnaissance par un homme intelligent.
  • Boats were at once lowered, in order to make a reconnaissance of the shore.
  • The reconnaissance is a long one, and will take fully three hours.
  • This was the first triumph of aerial reconnaissance in England.
  • The said reconnaissance I did not attend, knowing exactly what it would be.
  • They left in the morning to carry out an aerial reconnaissance to St.-Quentin.
  • Au matin du douzième jour, une escouade partit en reconnaissance vers le Nord.
  • A biological reconnaissance of the Okefinokee Swamp in Georgia.
  • Accord conclu en Écosse pour la reconnaissance de Jacques VI.
  • A reconnaissance was made between Mussel Creek and Gold Beach.
  • Our "A" Force Command began careful reconnaissance and plans of advance.

How To Use Reconnaissance In A Sentence?

  • Possibly they are the very people who attacked and followed the reconnaissance formation.
  • Too much depended on this reconnaissance to allow it to be disturbed by carelessness.
  • The planes of the speed scout are very flat as compared with those of the reconnaissance craft.
  • The most important reconnaissance of the day is unfortunately not recorded in the war diary.
  • Roughly they can be lined up as fighting machines, reconnaissance airplanes and bombers.
  • The reconnaissance birds keep to their course, but all eyes are strained towards the newcomers.
  • The collection of reconnaissance reports is work of a highly skilled nature, or ought to be.
  • The admiral suggested a reconnaissance of the site, which was merely a ruse to gain time.
  • Les recherches sur la reconnaissance vocale et la synthèse vocale débutent dès 1960.
  • Three hours ago Sliver had come galloping in from a reconnaissance with the news of their advance.
  • Tallien au moment où le feu de la reconnaissance n'avait pas encore eu le temps de s'attiédir.
  • Meantime, two of the aeroplanes carried out a reconnaissance towards Lille and Douai.
  • Diary of the expedition of reconnaissance made to the rivers Sacramento and San Joaquin.
  • Par la noblesse de votre action, jugez, Madame, de ma reconnaissance et de mon respect.
  • A short reconnaissance was made of the Corvallis-Newport road between Blodgett and Eddyville.
  • Prof. wished to make a reconnaissance through their region and explained to them what he wanted to do.
  • A good deal of reconnaissance was carried on by the squadrons during the northward move of the army.

Definition of Reconnaissance

The act of scouting or exploring (especially military or medical) to gain information.
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