Recreation In A Sentence

Definition of Recreation

The process of recreating something. | The result of this process.

How To Use Recreation In A Sentence?

  • He seemed to have no recreation but the pleasure of conversation with his friends.
  • All the other places of recreation in which the town had been so rich had disappeared.
  • Swimming was now established as a sport and a recreation for both men and women.
  • London is fortunate in having secured so much recreation ground on its borders.
  • Three-quarters of an hour to an hour should be spent on recreation out of doors.
  • The conference had been for him a recreation not much more serious than stag-hunting.
  • Several chambermaids were waiting around the recreation room the few moments before the meeting.
  • It is a mistaken idea that with youth all indulgence in physical recreation should cease.
  • Let it be admitted that recreation is only one of the things that make for happiness in life.
  • We have various modes of amusing ourselves and finding exercise and recreation in recesses.
  • He had fetched his recreation down to business, to the vacancy between editions.
  • Where all sorts of innocent recreation could be found to suit all minds and ages.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Recreation | Recreation Sentence

  • Another recreation was chess.
  • Resting and recreation are necessary.
  • True recreation in this joyless round?
  • But recreation is as needful in its place as work.
  • Industrial recreation is no mere idle phrase to it.
  • They converted the house of recreation into a convent.
  • I found myself unfit for recreation or employment.
  • Every need for pleasure and recreation is arranged for.
  • In recreation hours she sat apart from her schoolfellows.
  • We see now that the need for recreation is a real need.
  • If he cared for mental recreation he found it in men.
  • They added recreation to study; pleasure to work.
  • The true guide in recreation is a Christian spirit.
  • So I ate hastily and made for the recreation room.
  • The Park Commissioners are making it a recreation center.
  • On a recreation trip, Your Majesty.
  • Nor was their recreation allowed to interfere with their studies.
  • But he did not allow recreation to interfere with his studies.
  • These scenes came to be regarded as a recreation of the house.
  • There can be no finer recreation for a tired mind than a good novel.
  • She cut her recreation time and scamped her lesson preparation.
  • The reading and recreation rooms are well appointed and comfortable.
  • Then he went to the nearest recreation room to start his search.
  • For the purpose of recreation certain games would be provided.
  • We may easily overemphasize the kind of recreation for which we pay money.
  • Moreover, it would be a very welcome recreation in his energetic life.
  • Such recreation is good for you physically, and great fun besides.
  • After a couple of days, some one mentioned the recreation room.

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