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  • His own vessels recruited his contract labour.
  • His staff was as hastily recruited as his men.
  • But he recruited all his legions in Gaul.
  • They were recruited from the Asiatic possessions of France.
  • The State of New York recruited its labor here.
  • Thus the middle class is constantly recruited from the upper.
  • The constabulary are recruited from the sons of peasants and farmers.
  • The army of rural advancement is being recruited with great rapidity.
  • And he'll be recruited next year anyway.

How To Use Recruited In A Sentence?

  • An industry which was not recruited at all would have dwindled at a greater rate.
  • The 128th had been recruited from a province in the high country distant from the capital.
  • The species is recruited from among its failures and from among less civilised aliens.
  • His forgetive brain was recruited by the nourishment drawn from a ravenous yet healthy stomach.
  • I was somewhat recruited by rest, though the languors of sleeplessness oppressed me.
  • Near at hand lies a vlei, a shallow temporary lake recruited by the recent rains.
  • There was this advantage of Western over Oriental nobility, that this was recruited from below.
  • In the campaigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, his army was frequently recruited by mere boys.
  • The death of an uncle in India recruited his finances, and he returned to New York.
  • The manager clapped his hands, and a black house-boy, recruited from San Cristobal, came running.
  • What will he do when he has recruited his strength in this night's slumber?
  • This section of the population was constantly being recruited from the ranks of the indentured servants.
  • Habit and interest are in a constantly recruited majority against conscious change and adjustment in these matters.
  • They had been recruited in loyal observance of the territorial idea; but they themselves had no notion of that idea.
  • Contractors everywhere recruited their polyglot companies in the great cities and shipped them out into the country where there was a demand.
  • It is true of course that the nobility and gentry have been a separate class, but they have been constantly recruited from below.
  • Thus the available labour is recruited from the lower class of immigrants, and from a race not remarkable for stability.
  • Scholar-officials were recruited by civil service examinations, and to this degree the society was a democratic one.
  • The clubs, my son, some more than others, are recruited considerably from what is known as the leisure class.
  • Besides, the upper is all the time recruited from the wealthy middle; the union of aristocracy and plutocracy may be said to be complete.
  • Thus he finds that a large percentage of prostitutes is recruited from the servant class, although the latter have less care and greater security.
  • They were not watchmen by profession, but were recruited from the ranks of porters, cartmen, stevedores, and labourers.
  • Here he waited three days rallying his troops, and then, having recruited his stores from the magazines, marched away.
  • The noisome mixture of mud and water stank abominably, but the two barrels were empty, and had to be recruited against the journey ahead of them.
  • It is recruited almost wholly from the army, armed chiefly with binoculars, and enjoys a death-rate a little lower than its own reputation.
  • Nelson was informed that men were absolutely being recruited on the Exchange of Genoa for this expedition.
  • He had retaken the town of Ganlook, seized the fortress, and recruited the entire fighting strength of the neighbourhood.
  • It is recruited by competitive examinations held in England, and this is one of the chief grievances of Indians.
  • To-day it seems almost strange to find that All Souls has recruited the ranks of great ecclesiastics, but so it is.
  • Returning to Kentucky, Clark hastily recruited a number of men, without divulging his purpose to them.
  • Since about one-third of all these prodigals are recruited from the ranks of domestic workers it is possible for the housekeepers of the country to play an important part in this work.

Definition of Recruited

simple past tense and past participle of recruit

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