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How To Use Rectified In A Sentence?

  • Errors of judgment or of detail can be rectified before the work reaches a more advanced stage.
  • This deficiency might be rectified by raising the earthen wall about half a foot.
  • The sergeant soon rectified this difficulty, and brought his pieces into action.
  • The error may be rectified and the true intention of the testator ascertained in two ways: 1.
  • I hope in God, this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted.
  • The prevailing mistaken conception must be rectified before any headway can be made against the currents that are fast bearing us down.
  • If any others of a similar character remain, they can easily be rectified with a little thought by any one.
  • As they sat down they turned almost invariably to the person sitting next them, and rectified and continued what they had just said in public.
  • The picture was off-center; without knowing what he did he rectified course with the bow jets; it was centered again.
  • Here again the noble instinct of the English poet has rectified the aesthetic unseemliness of an ignoble reality.
  • Her mind was very alert, and she was entirely self-possessed, and frequently rectified any inexact details and statements that were put to her.
  • By their assistance he might have rectified several dates in his work, which, otherwise, deserves the public esteem.
  • Put it into a quart of the strongest and clearest rectified spirit; shake it, let it infuse for a fortnight, and strain it.
  • Half a pint of water, rectified spirits with an equal quantity of water three ounces, gum tragacanth one and a half drams.
  • Iceland moss one-fourth of an ounce, boiled in a quart of water, and a little rectified spirit added, so that it will keep.
  • When the truth was told to his mother, and her position had been rectified by a second marriage, Gabriel felt that all would be safe.
  • Collodion is made by dissolving 5 grams of pyroxylin in the following mixture: Sulphuric ether, rectified 75 grams.
  • However, because of the good relationship between Kiamil Pasha and myself, he acknowledged this bit of chicanery and duly rectified it.
  • But after ten minutes this clumsiness on the part of a carabiniere was rectified and, by command of Major Penatta, he was released.
  • When all the water has been aspirated through the pipette into the filter flask, fill the beaker with rectified spirit and when this is exhausted refill with ether.
  • Sugar may be separated from the other impurities by treating the residue insoluble in ether or benzene with rectified spirit, in which sugar and boric acid alone will dissolve.
  • In the consulting room he explained to the doctor that the man was a friend of his who had injured his wrist by a fall; and soon the mischief was rectified and the arm put into splints.
  • We may suppose that the disproportion of the sexes, caused by female infanticide, was about rectified by the deaths of males in battle and civic strife.
  • However, it shall be rectified in a new edition; and if any of the parties have either looks or qualities which they wish to be noticed, let me have a minute of them.
  • It sometimes happens that during this period of courtship either the man or the woman realises that a mistake has been made; if so, let it be rectified before a still more serious one be committed.
  • Romit consists of 100 parts ammonium nitrate and 7 parts potassium chlorate mixed with a solution of 1 part nitro- naphthalene and 2 parts rectified paraffin oil.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rectified | Rectified Sentence

  • Wash in rectified spirit.
  • The mistake may be rectified by the context.
  • That wrong can never be fully rectified in this world.
  • Pour on two gallons of the best double rectified whiskey.
  • A few minutes, however, soon rectified this mischance.
  • Mr Creswick has this year rectified the fault of the last.
  • This will, however, be rectified at once....
  • This was rectified by the Companies Act 1900, s. 25.
  • Run rectified spirits through the pipette and drain as completely as possible.
  • Not all are willing to be rectified as was my noble brother Paull.
  • The mistake may, to a certain extent, be rectified by parol evidence.

Definition of Rectified

simple past tense and past participle of rectify
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