Recurred In A Sentence

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  • But it recurred to him in time.
  • To this he recurred in each of his notes.
  • This thought recurred to him.
  • My thoughts then recurred to other points.
  • They afterwards recurred to recollection.
  • The matter of the letter recurred to him.
  • His prayer recurred to his mind.
  • The scene of the sphinx recurred to him.
  • The words of the sentry recurred to me.
  • Her last words recurred to him.
  • The pains recurred with terrible intensity.
  • The solemn embargo of his father recurred to him.
  • Charlotte recurred to this death-scene continually.
  • As he lay back it suddenly recurred to him.
  • The question then recurred upon the original resolution.
  • The question recurred again afresh on their return home.
  • The words of the little old man recurred to his mind.
  • The remark recurred to her later, however.
  • Suddenly all that had happened recurred to Agatha.
  • They recurred to me, however, and were as puzzling as ever.
  • The thought of the Dambreuses recurred to his mind.
  • It recurred again a little later with Rousseau.
  • Strange hints and subtle smiles recurred to him. . . .
  • Then there recurred the memory of his old tutor, Ludmillo.
  • Norman and Ferdy Wickersham recurred to him.
  • Various things that Wilfrid Bury had said recurred to her.
  • And evermore the question recurred to me, What shall I do?
  • Then the words that had been spoken by my protectress recurred to me.
  • During the next week this thought recurred to her more than once.
  • It recurred to her when she was left to her own spiritual guidance.
  • It had never occurred to me that they recurred so frequently.
  • It recurred at another mention of his idea of the nature of the residence.
  • The revelation of the old man recurred vividly to my mind.
  • But on awaking with the early dawn, his dream recurred to his mind.
  • Then, suddenly, that recurring phrase recurred to her once more.

How To Use Recurred In A Sentence?

  • It recurred to me that this was the place where fever was raging like the pest.
  • But after all, her thoughts always involuntarily recurred to this unpleasant subject.
  • She concluded her husband had settled the matter, and never again recurred to it.
  • He stamped his foot to the ground in vexation, and recurred to his original determination.
  • Also the shock, which still recurred in the first days slowly disappeared.

Definition of Recurred

simple past tense and past participle of recur
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