Redemption In A Sentence

Definition of Redemption

The act of redeeming or something redeemed. | The recovery, for a fee, of a pawned article. | Salvation from sin.

How To Use Redemption In A Sentence?

  • Then the tenant would have had genuine interest in the redemption of his own property.
  • A mass of scandal it seemed to one of them, a symbol of redemption to the other.
  • Many eager hearts looked for the redemption of mankind to come out of Armageddon.
  • With Abraham there was not a word of sin or guilt, and therefore not of redemption or holiness.
  • The redemption that comes out from the Holiness of God must lead up into it too.
  • That they said he had not suffered for the redemption of mankind, nor been crucified but for his own sins.
  • I believe in that redemption which knowledge and principle combined bring to the soul that has slumbered in darkness.
  • Man's redemption is often spoken of as a work of wonderful power as well as grace.
  • God is glorified in the work of redemption in this, that there appears in it so absolute and universal a dependence of the redeemed on him.
  • We remark here that it is a redemption man achieves by his own efforts, without any outward prop or aid.
  • The secret of abiding is to stand as a redeemed one, as firmly in the second part of redemption as the first.
  • The word reveals how proprietorship is one of the central thoughts both in redemption and in sanctification, the link that binds them together.
  • Blessed be the Lord that there is redemption from penalty; but that is not yet all that redemption means.
  • Is the strongest truth and deals with the story of a man's redemption through a woman's love and devotion.
  • In the shortness of time, and as if for the redemption for her death, the boy became weak and also died.
  • Don't you see that this may undo all my plans for the girl's redemption and may enslave her more deeply than ever?
  • God is glorified in the work of redemption by this means, viz., by there being so great and universal a dependence of the redeemed on him.
  • Christ was not a true but a false prophet, and was crucified for his own crimes and not for the redemption of mankind, &c.
  • The realization that she was at last domesticated under his roof made her redemption seem easy, certain, almost accomplished.
  • In the passover we have the first manifestation of what Redemption is; and here the more frequent use of the word holy begins.
  • St. Paul ascribes the stability of all things in heaven to the manifestation of the divine character in the redemption of our fallen race.
  • This grand object, revelation informs us, has been attained by the redemption of the world through Christ.
  • This, however, is fully manifest, that redemption is one of the most glorious works of the Almighty.
  • Often and often on wearied men there comes the breath of a new life, and armies, long worn out, arise and snatch redemption out of ruin.
  • In that day of redemption there will be better factories, grander architecture, finer equipages, larger estates, richer opulence.
  • We are informed in his word, that it is by the redemption of the world, through Christ, that the ends of his moral government are secured.
  • In the feast of unleavened bread we have the symbol of the putting off of the old and the putting on of the new, to which redemption through blood is to lead.
  • Probably neither one nor the other was entirely pleased at having to pay out a large sum for the redemption of people living almost under the walls of the city.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Redemption | Redemption Sentence

  • Only redemption leads to holiness.
  • In redemption it prepares the way.
  • There is no question of redemption or moral problems here.
  • Aceldama has been cleansed, but redemption seems to tarry.
  • Only Redemption trembled through the air.
  • The unlimited extent of the Redemption by Christ.
  • The Great Preparation; or, Redemption draweth nigh.
  • Let us try and realize the relation existing between redemption and holiness.
  • The unlimited nature of the Redemption by Christ. III.
  • First of all, we want to realize how inseparable redemption and holiness are.
  • Those dispatches mean much; they may mean the redemption of the State.
  • Oh, Father! listen to my prayer, that her redemption may date from this time.

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