Reedy In A Sentence

Definition of Reedy

Full of, or edged with, reeds. | (of a sound or voice) High and thin in tone. | (of a person) Tall and thin.

How To Use Reedy In A Sentence?

  • Beyond it stretched a dim vista of more rock and reedy pines that shut in the sound.
  • In that wan light distilled by stars and the earth he made out the reedy expanse of the lake.
  • They were silent again, and then they heard lifted at a distance a thin and reedy tenor.
  • From a reedy swamp near it ducks rose in such numbers as literally to darken the air.
  • As they advanced, the banks lowered to reedy swamps and mosquitoes appeared in clouds.
  • The sedge-warbler in the reedy island heard the splash, and the closing snap of the jaws.
  • They had now emerged on the reedy margin of the dark pool discovered by Dick and Jones later.
  • The road follows the western branch of the Euphrates, the Frat, a reedy and winding stream.
  • He was going down, he said, to Reedy Lake with Judge Archinard, an old friend.
  • The song comes loud and vibrating and maliciously from their reedy throats, it penetrates everybody.
  • Little angel faces and reedy flutings stood out round the fire-place of the children's room.
  • On the 18th, we found ourselves entering the reedy country, through which we had passed with such doubt and anxiety.
  • Sure enough, in a moment the same ringing blows came from a reedy spot in a different part of the bay.
  • The tall, reedy grass came down to the edge of the water, and the nodding plumes showed for some distance out in the stream.
  • The vivid, living thoughts that had enkindled me fell back cold and lifeless into the tedious, reedy water.
  • It was a wild ride along the grassy track, beside watery marshes and reedy pools that gleamed in the dim light of a new moon.
  • A small fugitive of a fish darts past as though taking advantage of the wake of the big bird, from one reedy shelter to another.
  • When you wish to take a wagon across a deep, miry, and reedy swamp, outspan and leg the cattle feed.
  • Girls of the tribe would bring, with liberal hand, Blossoms and rose-lipped shells from bower and reedy strand.
  • The nose, quite a noble and aquiline affair once, was red at the end, and querulous, like the long lean chin and reedy neck.
  • No birds are more characteristic of such a reedy tract than the blackbirds, of which there are several more or less common species in different parts of the country.
  • The ice poured down and wedged itself between Reedy Island and the shores, and crushed to pieces many that had escaped the ocean gales.
  • The report of musketry along the reedy shores of the Delaware and Schuylkill is almost incessant, resembling a running fire.
  • The reedy marshes, the haunts of pelicans and pigs, are left behind at Aimarah, and tamarisk scrub and liquorice appear on the banks.
  • This point may be distinguished by the growth of a coarse kind of reedy grass, which does not make its appearance on the southern portion of the swamp or lake.
  • Glimpses are being afforded us of its life and manners and customs for some thirty centuries before the captives of Judah uttered lamentations on the banks of its reedy canals.
  • There were holes instead of windows, and there was no door in the open doorway; and on the top of the little building was a roof of rough, reedy grass.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reedy | Reedy Sentence

  • In pain and terror on the reedy bank.
  • Swim five miles through a reedy marsh!
  • The reedy gentleman rose and bowed.
  • Is it the reedy note of an oaten pipe?
  • After the inundations reedy grass grows in the hollows.
  • His sweet reedy tones thrilled the April air.
  • It frequents the wooded and reedy banks of the great rivers.
  • The frogs in their reedy beds croaked and chirruped without ceasing.
  • We both ran through some soft reedy ground, where the brute overtook us.
  • He paused, then stepped again, his foot coming down on a reedy tuft.
  • Through the still, early morning air came a faint, reedy cry.
  • His voice was a sweet, reedy tenor; the quaint old melody delighted Caroline.
  • So on I went, by the side of the steamy, reedy lake, walking the length of it.

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