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How To Use Reeked In A Sentence?

  • Yet in spite of the ventilation the place reeked vilely of a variety of odours.
  • For after the first choking explosion of the thing it reeked of nothing but corruption.
  • The smell of spirits reeked over the tug as if someone had sprinkled her deck with liquor.
  • Every inch of the deck was disputed, and not an inch obtained until it reeked with blood.
  • In spite of their powerful physique they were breathing stertorously; they reeked of petrol.
  • He was bathed all over in sweat, that reeked out a smoke which covered his head like a mist.
  • From the open door there reeked a horrible poisonous exhalation which set us gasping and coughing.
  • The stranger swore foully, a string of oaths that reeked with the stench of corner saloons.
  • The mass of that wreck reeked like a hot cinder-pile and a burning garbage dump combined.
  • Inside, it was gloomy, and the air invariably reeked of stale tobacco and drink.
  • And on the forward wooden tracks used by our transport, the ground reeked like a slaughter-house.
  • His nod to the others, who reeked of white whiskey, was in part a question, in no wise a welcome.
  • The London world reeked with the General Election; it had invaded the nurseries.
  • My best suit reeked of "May Lilac" weeks later when I took it out of the closet.
  • The hallway reeked with that smell of onions and fried fish which had arrived with the first tenants.
  • It was slightly cooler there than it was below, besides which the mess-rooms reeked with damp and mildew.
  • The barn and hen-house and cow-house reeked in the sunlight, but the pigpen easily conquered them all.
  • The very linen of the waiters drooped disconsolately, and the whole place reeked of cabbage and wet umbrellas.
  • It seemed to him that the walls of his room reeked of debauchery, and that everything there was impregnated with the odour of foul orgies.
  • The breeze reeked with the well-remembered, sickening smell of the old tarpaulins that covered bales and barrels.
  • Those long rambles in the summer moonlight, or in the early dawn when everything reeked with dew, how good they were!
  • He could see that they were crowding through a low, narrow passage, the earthen sides of which reeked with moisture.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reeked | Reeked Sentence

  • He reeked of peppermint.
  • Shirts and trousers reeked with perspiration.
  • Her face was purple and she reeked of brandy.
  • The camp was alive and reeked of cooking food.
  • The very air reeked of calcium and grease paint.
  • The whole place again reeked with fat health.
  • The library reeked strongly of tobacco and spirits.
  • His whisky-laden breath reeked in her nostrils.
  • The room reeked with the pungent smell of the drug.
  • The dead dogs in consequence reeked rascally.
  • It reeked with scurrility and disloyalty from beginning to end.
  • The dining-room reeked with the whisky on his hands and his coat.
  • Everything reeked with damp while the air was as close and musty as a vault.
  • Their cabins reeked with dirt and were always cluttered with children.
  • The interior reeked of the strong but not obnoxious fumes of the brodium.
  • More cloths, and already the air in the place reeked with chloroform.
  • The store-house reeked with that fat, heavy odour peculiar to hemp and flax.
  • Shawn had reeked of guilt--but more.

Definition of Reeked

simple past tense and past participle of reek
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