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  • She made no further reference to the matter.
  • Any reference to the past was distasteful to her ears.
  • The reference to smoking, too, is interesting.
  • A General Reference Work on Telephony, etc.
  • He had concealed from her his struggles in reference to color.
  • That was a reference to my mother's side of the house.
  • Then let us now put the case with reference to each of the five.
  • A reference to his father always sobered him and kindled a light in his eyes.
  • A bad beginning, as many of our rules had reference to tidiness.
  • This reference to Bryant's profession is noteworthy.
  • It was his only reference to her revelations with regard to Eduard Desmond.

How To Use Reference In A Sentence?

  • Gray felt the colour going out of his cheeks at the sudden reference to Harding.
  • The limitations of the ordinary series party line may be best understood by reference to Fig.
  • They evidently had reference to the second clause alone, the one relating to Spanish America.
  • But in reference to yourself, I must have a certainty, that I may in any event be secure.
  • The Story of Hawawk opens with an interesting reference to the favorite Pima game of football.
  • In reference to the rehearsals of the first production of the E flat major Quartet, Op.
  • Adriaan van Rhude, Lord of Mydrecht, to whom frequent reference is made in the Memoir.
  • The reference is to Samuel G. Howe, who fought as a young man for the independence of Greece.
  • The armature and the tapper rod normally stand in the normal central position with reference to the pole pieces of the magnet and the gongs.
  • Neither made reference to any event occurring since their arrival, or which might possibly occur in the near future.
  • This he said, especially, in reference to the one spot which presented at least a possibility of being scaled.
  • My remarks will have special reference to wrought-iron, as cast-iron cannot so fully be said to have a constructive character.
  • I will not enter into details over the matter here, as I am not writing with direct reference to them.
  • All reference to natural necessity, or co-action, in relation to such a question, is wholly irrelevant.
  • Well do I remember that half-mile of rivulet; all other rivers and cascades have their reference to it for me.
  • The prosecution, he said, had introduced reference to a certain pig, alleging that it was slain by the act of the prisoner.
  • A valuable little reference book for engineers, electricians, motor inspectors and others interested in electrical engineering.
  • Once, indeed, the squire was very considerably staggered, but he never liked a reference to be made afterwards to the occasion.
  • If Lansing's reference to the danger of war had meant anything, what did this mean?
  • The old hag showed her toothless gums in a hideous smile, the woman that was left in the dried shell still tickled at the reference to marriage.
  • The policy of Afdhal is perhaps best to be explained by a reference to the state of the East at that time.
  • In other cases, however, it has been possible to throw light upon these persons by reference to different portions of the Diary itself.
  • In every case of mandate, the mandatory shall render to the Council an annual report in reference to the territory committed to its charge.
  • What, then, in reference to the point in question, is the difference between the Arminian and the Calvinist?
  • Both systems therefore have clearly not reached the intelligible unity or the mind as it actually and essentially is, but only as it is in reference to something else.
  • The Epistles of the New Testament have no dates nor reference to any persons who were known to have lived at any particular time.
  • Without reference to any military phase of the problem, this detached population obviously demanded and deserved adequate mail and transportation facilities.
  • Mythological subjects, reference made to, by Beethoven, who, as it is well known, possessed a considerable acquaintance with ancient history.
  • Now, in the interpretation of any instrument of writing, it is a universally admitted rule, that it should be construed with reference to the subject of which it treats.

Definition of Reference

To provide a list of references for (a text). | To refer to, to use as a reference. | To mention, to cite.
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