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  • Our objection refers to the interpretation of them.
  • Homer refers to its tenacity of grip in a simile.
  • It refers to the first discovery of an island.
  • The following note probably refers to this.
  • This refers particularly to oil-burning vessels.
  • The second problem refers to the bull and the china-shop.
  • For its more concrete life he refers us to Sociology.
  • On page 110, the author refers to Jos.
  • Colonel Yule refers to the work of Jarric.
  • De Morgan refers to his work on the Junius question.
  • He also refers to it in his Arabian Nights, Lib.
  • But she does not know details; refers me to her husband for them.
  • You say it will be a pity when mankind refers everything to reason.
  • The same writer refers to similar hospitality in various parts of his book.
  • He refers to it as his "Sniping eighteen-pounder.
  • M. Crevier refers to "Tillem.
  • Dean Ramsay, in a happy anecdote, refers to a good quality of the sow as food.
  • The edition to which De Morgan refers is that of 1857-74, 14 vols.
  • On page 6 "pursued by y^e Savages", "^e" refers to superscript "e".
  • Wiegand, (Oberhessische ortsnamen), refers this name to Old High Germ.
  • Lansing's speech as to Anglo-American agreement refers to the Bryan agreement.

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  • The second point refers to the omission of any authority after a cultivar-name.
  • The matter to which he refers is in itself perfectly pure: it is an appeal of nature.
  • From a logical standpoint, ideas may contradict each other, but that refers to their meaning.
  • This refers to the notes prepared by members of the Long expedition, 14 years later.
  • Another poem, dating from about 1320, refers to Irish dances in a flattering manner.
  • He refers probably to articles in Punch, contained in the 2d volume for the year 1887, pp.
  • This refers to the village of La Petit Corbeau and others which he had recently visited.
  • For a moment he refers to the well-known distinction of the legislative, judicial and executive powers.
  • The frequent occurrence in connection and in proper order of both the first and the terminal days of the year apparently refers to the same system.
  • This "rebuilding" refers to the re-erection of the tower arches, the space between being converted into a chancel.
  • The use of the term ventral in this account refers to the anatomically ventral side, that is to say to the side of the baculum facing the urethra.
  • The mantle of estate refers of course to his rank as Chancellor, as did also the bag or purse that used to hang on the wall above.
  • And there is theoretically no difference whether my belief refers to the proposition that the door is locked or that a God exists in Heaven.
  • These treasures of memory, to which Branwell refers in many of his poems, were to him of a sacred nature, and might not be profaned.
  • By all divine and human laws the matter to which Luther refers is a just ground for divorce, and that is all that Luther declares.
  • Whether it refers to the tree or to the fruit is uncertain; possibly the different forms in which it is found are intended to denote these distinctions.
  • Evelyn specially refers to the event in his Diary, and mentions the distinguished persons present at the dinner on July 20th.
  • He promptly handed me one of his business cards, on which he refers to himself as the former trusted and confidential secretary of Count Marlanx.
  • The mechanical construction of the boat was not perfect; and shortly after the date to which the above advertisement refers the little steamer was ruined by an accident.

Definition of Refers

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of refer
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