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  • I refine nearly nineteen-twentieths of the sugar.
  • They refine on the methods, but the spirit is the same.
  • To correct it would alloy it, not refine it.
  • Oil (olive) to refine (see "Grease").
  • The process is said to refine the texture of the skin wonderfully.
  • They cannot cultivate their minds to any extent, or refine their characters.
  • It is necessary, however, to refine upon this statement of the matter.
  • It'll take a little while to refine the stuff and build the relays, even so.

How To Use Refine In A Sentence?

  • And, as the men are affectionate and true-hearted, the women inspire and refine them.
  • The limitations refine as the soul purifies, but the ring of necessity is always perched at the top.
  • So in their several ways they all contributed to enlarge and refine and exercise the intelligence of Kipps.
  • It is the common belief that mere birth will refine most people; but those who cling to that theory will surely find themselves mistaken.
  • They could refine gold and silver and make weapons of tempered copper, but they were entirely ignorant of the use of iron.
  • The letter to Bliss and the proofs were full of suggested changes that would refine and beautify the text.
  • Young men paid court to the older ladies, to refine their manners and sharpen their intellects, but not for any immoral purpose.
  • Mary was on her way to Troy, to complete her studies in the excellent institution for young ladies, which has sent out some of the brightest ornaments of their sex, to refine and bless the world.
  • Hackers hoard this knowledge, and dwell upon it obsessively, and refine it, and bargain with it, and talk and talk about it.
  • And what poems are more calculated to refine our intellect, and increase our spirituality, than the poems of Collins?
  • Hero, Alcmane, Mya, so outshine thee, Ere thou come here, let Thetis thrice refine thee.
  • Here financial magnates meet people of high blood on equal footing; this is especially good, for let the world refine itself!
  • His own parable is on record, bidding men put the gospel into all the forms and developments of life, to refine and fit them for human enjoyment.
  • And, here, in this attention to the comfort of sick people, you will observe the usual effect of a fine art to soften and refine the feelings.
  • You may refine it by allowing to every gallon of wine the whites of two eggs, beaten to a froth, with a very small tea-spoonful of salt.
  • She was here, among our anxious citizens, and frivolous fashionists, as if sent to refine and polish her countrymen, and announce a better day.
  • Time alone can tame the town, restrain its wanton manners, refine its terrible beauty, rob it of its nameless charm, subdue it to the commonplace.
  • They are told by Mrs. Eells in a simple style which preserves their folk quality without any attempt to refine upon it.
  • The Artist-Brothers were closely united in feeling, striving through different mediums to refine the soul of man.
  • Suzanne, for all her expensive education and subsequent efforts, had never been able to refine hers; the ugly Pittsburg burr would crop out.
  • The isinglass, lime water and salt, helps to refine it in the still, and the juniper berries gives the flavor or taste of Holland gin.
  • Defective as was her instruction in the ordinary sense, those evenings spent in the company of the two men had done much to refine her modes of thought.
  • He learned to refine his innate haughtiness by the most considerate delicacy towards his inferiors, and to consider his pride as inseparable from devotion to duty and an impregnable sense of honour.
  • If that were the case, Ray Charles could draw on it, could change it, could refine it without permission or fee.

Definition of Refine

(transitive) To purify; reduce to a fine, unmixed, or pure state; to free from impurities. | (intransitive) To become pure; to be cleared of impure matter. | (transitive) To purify of coarseness, vulgarity, inelegance, etc.; to polish.
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