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  • But the mouth belied this refinement of nature.
  • It has rather the refinement of a lover of all that is beautiful.
  • His description made me wonder at the degree of refinement there.
  • He was a slight, dark man, of somewhat remarkable refinement of appearance.

How To Use Refinement In A Sentence?

  • He wondered if refinement and elegance meant necessarily a suppression of all these.
  • It is impossible to give an idea of the refinement and subtlety of all her transformations.
  • There was an air of refinement and grace about her, which strangely puzzled me.
  • Soup and refinement must be disseminated at one and the same time, over the same counter.
  • Your masters, who are his scholars, conceive that all refinement has an aristocratic character.
  • To tell the fortunes of gypsy girls was, he thought, the refinement of presumption.
  • An atmosphere of refinement must be made for her; she must be better dressed, more delicately fed.
  • The toys, to be sure, are various, and are graduated in refinement to the quality of the dupe.
  • And there was Eli Snape, compared with whom Jack was a person of refinement and culture.
  • The delicacy and refinement of form presented by this capital is perhaps greater than that of any other with which we are acquainted.
  • Especially the analysis of the psychophysical conditions still lacks a sufficient refinement of method.
  • To a great extent they come naturally from refinement of disposition and inborn delicacy of feeling.
  • In some cases the acid is distributed from a sprinkling can, but this is a refinement which experience shows to be unnecessary.
  • An environment which would drive a man of refinement to thoughts of suicide, does not produce so much as dissatisfaction in him.
  • She found herself admiring the full forehead, the lines of refinement about the lips that the beard could not fully conceal.
  • This would seem to be an unnecessary refinement in a new building, if observance is given to the suggestions made in previous paragraphs.
  • Indeed, more true refinement is oftener found among the lower classes where religious principles exist than is generally supposed.
  • He saw that she was as yet unspoiled, with a face of refinement far beyond the general run of the girls who applied to him for positions.
  • The Squire was all that is dear and good as husband and father, but refinement was out of his line.
  • For, by a refinement of malice, he bequeathed this baleful thing to his descendants for ever, as an inalienable heirloom!
  • The captives describe the usual mode of execution, by cutting-off the hands and feet, as being a refinement of cruelty.
  • With a refinement of cruelty which was thoroughly Oriental, the slaver chief had decreed a respite.
  • The gradual elevation and refinement of human needs, in the growth of civilisation, is the motive force of the development of religion.
  • Coarseness and gruffness lock doors, gentleness and refinement open them, while the rude, boorish man is shunned by all.
  • His countenance, however, did not match with the refinement of his attire, for it betrayed high living and sensual indulgence.
  • All the structures were rude, masculine, utilitarian, and the girl grew each moment in delicacy and refinement by contrast.
  • There was a sensitive refinement in her face, as if she almost shrank from the gaze which, of necessity, the painter must have fixed upon her.
  • The General was much impressed by her modest demeanor, and surprised to see the refinement and beauty she possessed.
  • As the architecture of a country always follows the earliest structures, American architecture should be a refinement of the log-house.
  • Perceptibly, in that magnificent refinement of speed, our enormous pace I felt to decrease ever so little.
  • It has been found by various experimenters that there is no necessity to proceed to such a refinement as the determination of the actual weight of rubber yielded.
  • She has great nicety and refinement in her personal ways, I think, and the cigarette is really a feminine weapon if properly understood.
  • Shame on the man of cultivated taste who permits refinement to develop into a fastidiousness that unfits him for doing the rough work of a workaday world.
  • An inborn refinement rejects such coarse pleasure, just as their very habits of life derive no enjoyment from the display and splendor reflected by riches.
  • To this natural refinement is owing much of that peculiar softness of manner and reluctance to disoblige which foreigners frequently mistake for some especial desire to win their favour.
  • Add a certain degree of refinement to the vivacity of these riders, and you obtain the precise quality which makes the men and women of polite society formidable.

Definition of Refinement

The act, or the result of refining; the removal of impurities, or a purified material | High-class style; cultivation. | A fine or subtle distinction.
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