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  • These disputes, however, turn on refinements too nice.
  • I presume there were refinements of slang with which he was not familiar.
  • They seemed to know nothing of the refinements of modern passion.
  • He faced with loathing the refinements of torture which civilization imposes.
  • They beautify private life in all the immunities and refinements thereof.
  • Sometimes they used trebles only; but these refinements were of later times.
  • What to the Puddlefordians were the refinements of religious exercises?
  • The court at that time had succumbed to the refinements of Italy.

How To Use Refinements In A Sentence?

  • This sense has been made to vary more than any other by the refinements of social life.
  • We have no words too ardent to express our admiration for the refinements of society.
  • I have introduced certain refinements into Italian cookery that will amaze you!
  • She had, of course, all the little refinements a fastidious taste might desire in a woman.
  • Where will this extended sway, this power, these resources, and these refinements be in 2827?
  • Roads, waggons, etc. are refinements entirely unknown in the incipient stages of society.
  • Certain refinements of interpretation which the pianist long has made his own also should be observed.
  • It implies the expression of an emotion by use of the latest refinements and researches in the medium of an art.
  • One of the great refinements of advancing civilization is that we are permitted to bequeath our burdens to future generations.
  • Nevertheless it required a number of years for such cultural refinements as bathing to take root in the new environment.
  • Nor are such excessive refinements more agreeable in the epistolary or philosophic style, than in the epic or tragic.
  • A novel is an intellectual luxury, and in the luxuries of a country we find the refinements of the nation.
  • Like the people who lived in them, they had no claims to anything bordering on the refinements or virtues of life.
  • Then, the higher refinements of the emotions are not given to all alike, nor do they come at the same age to all.
  • Belief in dim refinements of dogma is made the test for man or woman who seeks admission to a company of pioneers.
  • A rude profusion of luxury was all the planters aimed at till they could get home to the refinements of the mother country.
  • As the surface refinements of language were dying, so their faces had lost a certain facile play of expression.
  • Nowhere in the world can a man so soon exchange the refinements of civilized life for one of hardship and toil as in a new country.
  • Every object about brought up thoughts of that dear mother and sister, to whom the refinements of life were less luxuries than wants.
  • The insistent trend toward more functional costume reached its ultimate conclusion with the refinements of the knitted swimming suit in the 1930s.
  • The number of unemployed is always large, and among them are frequently to be found those accustomed to the comforts and refinements of life.
  • The dialogue varies from simple to elaborate, from the conversation of ordinary life to the highest refinements of poetical taste.
  • She was considerably younger than our hero, was much taller, and her elegant refinements rendered her a very desirable object.
  • But the final refinements are arrived at by a system of averaging, and even then present us with a stretch of time as a margin of error.
  • He would have to sink the refinements of his civilization, in a measure, discard all preconceived ideas of justice and honor.
  • I dare say you look on this as a land of barbarians, and think that any of your high-toned refinements are thrown away on people here.
  • The refinements of sentiment and all complexity were forgotten; they indulged in nothing so futile as complaint, nor even conversation.
  • Increase in amount and some refinements in procedure, combined with improved views of public policy, are the only changes that occur later on.
  • The miserable victim is fastened to a stake, and burned at a slow fire, with all the refinements of cruelty which savage ingenuity can invent.
  • Dolly, unused to the ways of the world, had not yet appreciated those refinements of delicacy with which people envelop the simplest facts of life.
  • Gone were the gleaming cities of the South and the worship of art and science and the exquisite refinements of the life of scholarly leisure.
  • He was naturally a lover of the refinements of civilization, and the rough, lonely life he had led was the result of his crime, not of inclination.

Definition of Refinements

plural of refinement
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