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  • But in normal circumstances refitting is not necessary.
  • Not to go further, Margaret's wardrobe needed refitting quite as much as mine.

How To Use Refitting In A Sentence?

  • During the six weeks that were occupied in refitting the ship, the sailors rested on the island.
  • Close inspection will show that a considerable amount of repair and refitting has been done in places.
  • If it has been fitted shortly after a miscarriage or confinement, refitting is desirable at the end of a few months.
  • While, however, their ships were refitting they were constantly in each other's society.
  • A week after the refitting of the Swan was completed she was afloat, with a large proportion of her stores in her hold.
  • At Rotterdam we could then find safety, and the means of refitting our crazy vessel, so far as was necessary for the completion of our voyage.
  • We discovered the harbour of Karakakooa, which we deemed a proper place for refitting the ships, our masts and rigging having suffered much.
  • By dawn the refitting of the "Golden Hind" was accomplished as far as lay in the power of the dauntless crew.
  • The work of refitting proceeded apace, while advantage was taken of a spell of fine weather to bring off all the precious cargo that remained in the shattered hull of the wrecked buccaneer.

Definition of Refitting

present participle of refit | The act by which something is refitted; a refit.
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