Reflect In A Sentence

Definition of Reflect

(transitive) To bend back (light, etc.) from a surface. | (intransitive) To be bent back (light, etc.) from a surface. | (transitive) To mirror, or show the image of something.

How To Use Reflect In A Sentence?

  • This apparent misfortune had the good effect of compelling him to reflect on his situation.
  • Nor does this reflect in any way upon the superb soldierly qualities of his predecessor.
  • How many of our best people have paused to reflect on what that means, and on all it means?
  • Wages reflect the efficiencies of countries, not of course perfectly, but in some degree.
  • Because of the offences of a few, Whose faults reflect dishonour on the rest!
  • A woman can never do more than reflect 'broken lights' of her husband, when she has a good one.
  • He left Andrew to reflect upon what had passed between them, confident of its effect.
  • And this consideration will become only the more solemn and impressive the longer we reflect upon it.
  • Joan was able philosophically to reflect that if the gentleman had come in person she would never have had the note.
  • It is almost appalling to reflect upon the condition of helplessness to which this double calamity can reduce a man.
  • I did not reflect that these new and sublime truths had formerly passed through my own brain as the dreams of a wandering imagination.
  • It had taken her so by surprise; her heart was given before she had had time to reflect whether she ought to have given it.
  • Their journals, in consequence, reflect the characteristics of each one and are storehouses of information.
  • The darkened windows of the house on the other side of the lawn began to reflect a pallid gleam as the moon rose.
  • The commissioners desired him to reflect on his offer, and to consider the confessions respecting himself and the order which he had made.
  • But I think that in justice to him you ought to reflect that meanwhile you are injuring his prospects.
  • This waste will reflect itself in needlessly high prices which, while they mulct the buyer, bring the seller little gain.
  • I ought to reflect again and again, and yet again, that they all deserve from me as much sympathy as I give to myself.
  • Vanborough was one of those people who reflect the atmosphere somehow, whose lights come and go, and whose brilliance comes and goes.
  • When these transports had a little subsided, Frederick could reflect on the causes which gave this new turn to his thoughts.
  • True, neither of us could now extract a cube root with a stump puller, and it is sad to reflect how little call life has made for duodecimals.
  • It was small consolation in the desperate state of uncertainty into which I had worked myself to reflect that I had only myself to blame for this.
  • When Edgar should make his offer, as she knew he would, she would ask for time to reflect and make up her mind.
  • The atmosphere was close and oppressive, the pavement seemed to reflect the heat, and even along the Embankment there was not a breath of air.
  • When they come to reflect seriously on the transaction, they will think themselves bound to examine what the object is that has been acquired by all this havoc.
  • This branch of study becomes remarkably simple when we reflect that in ourselves we see all men and women, angels and demons, and even God himself.
  • The one thing to the point was that in Olivia Guion he had won the human counterpart of himself, who could reflect his qualities and complete them.
  • He would ascertain in time, and until he did so it was pleasant to reflect that some one within the villa was interested in his coming and had wafted him this welcome.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reflect | Reflect Sentence

  • It is sad to reflect that it is not.
  • Nay reflect a little.
  • He seemed to reflect here.
  • We should reflect that steady work is its own reward.
  • We ought to reflect on what manner of beings we are.
  • SeƱor, we should reflect upon our motives.
  • We beg our readers to seriously reflect on this last fact.
  • I arm myself with patience, and reflect that all evil leads to some good.
  • But it is not enough that you see: your lives must reflect the light.
  • The Austrian gypsies have many songs which perfectly reflect their character.
  • It is most astonishing," added he, "to reflect on what might have happened.
  • I seemed to her, I suspect, to reflect upon her judgment and good intentions.

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