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  • But he was a reformed judge.
  • Nobody is ever reformed in its reformatories.
  • They had every one of them to be reformed all over again!
  • Quite a little programme for a reformed sinner.
  • Had they suddenly reformed from evil habits?
  • He was reformed altogether, he was utterly abolished.
  • They reeled under the shock, then reformed and stood fast.
  • Old Universities are reformed and improved.
  • It was cruelly oppressed by the Reformed officials.
  • Uncle Peter is a reformed money-maker.
  • The Reformed were strangely scandalized at this work.
  • Vicious, sometimes reformed by school children, 441.
  • Presbyterian and Reformed Review.
  • German Reformed Church, 211.
  • New Unionism is only the Old Unionism reformed up to date.
  • He reformed the Law of Moses, and broke the Sabbath Day.
  • If he is not reformed here it is not likely he ever will be.
  • We're reformed characters.
  • Decidedly the princess was more enjoyable than a reformed anarchist.
  • Rome will never be reformed by human learning and scholarship.
  • Your unique electro-magnetic field reformed the cells into you.
  • No leader has ever succeeded in having an evil reformed who wanted an ideal.
  • C├Žsar reformed everything; he seemed to rule both heaven and earth.
  • After a while, he was able to keep it, and reformed entirely.
  • He reformed it, as he supposed, and sent it again to me to revise.
  • O that figure in the white nightgown, blessing his reformed harlot!
  • Meek though a reformed pumess may be, there are limits to meekness.
  • From that day he became a reformed man; drink and dissipation were put aside.
  • A reformed is naturally also a reforming Parliament as it was after 1832.

How To Use Reformed In A Sentence?

  • One of the subjects that needed to be discussed and to be reformed was the royal housekeeping.
  • A man who had contracted the disease reformed his ways and was apparently cured.
  • To have it in foreign keeping is to have a very partially reformed burglar inside your house.
  • They have mostly given up the idea that the country can be reformed by political means.
  • More than a third of the whole population had enthusiastically accepted the reformed doctrines.
  • In a wonderfully short space of time her hair had been reformed in its usual loops.
  • So far the consideration of reformed qualitative consumption has been confined to material goods.
  • He wished to aggrandize his monarchy; that aim was dearer to him than the reformed faith.
  • But it was already proved that he was a reformed man, and had entirely changed his manner of life.
  • It is not safe to say that the ballot-box would be reformed if intrusted to feminine votes alone.
  • He had reformed religions, revolutionized society, and shaken the thrones of tyrants.

Definition of Reformed

Corrected; amended; restored to purity or excellence; said, specifically, of the whole body of Protestant churches originating in the Reformation, or, in a more restricted sense, of those who separated from Martin Luther on the doctrine of consubstantiation, etc., and carried the Reformation, as they claimed, to a higher point. | Amended in character and life. | (Britain, military, of an officer) Retained in service on half or full pay after the disbandment of the company or troop.
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