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  • I have a convenient refrigerator at my disposal.
  • It is like a refrigerator you see.
  • We squatted on the floor of the refrigerator box.
  • Place in refrigerator until ready to cook. ~13.
  • Doak looked in his refrigerator and there was nothing worthwhile in there.
  • Chill dough in refrigerator and cut in straw-size strips.
  • The eggs and oil should be kept in the refrigerator and be ice cold.
  • It's our American refrigerator and the joy of our lives!
  • The refrigerator contained a large quantity of fresh beef, mutton, veal, etc.
  • This ice was used for refrigerator purposes and for McClintock's evening peg.

How To Use Refrigerator In A Sentence?

  • At the temperature of an ordinary refrigerator the changes go on much more rapidly.
  • A large refrigerator was kept especially for this apartment with a large padlock on the door.
  • She sighed and pushed through the swinging door; the refrigerator was a more delicate affair.
  • If the ordinary metal refrigerator sold is encased in a wooden box, we have the best form.
  • How to make a fireless cooker, small refrigerator and window box for winter use.
  • Have our prisoners taken down to the Refrigerator and turned over to the ordinary police.
  • In this case the liquid is passed through the refrigerator and then utilized in any convenient manner.
  • The compartments of the refrigerator should be so arranged that the bottles of milk are either in contact with the ice or very near it.
  • Water can only be made cold enough for summer comfort by being prepared in a refrigerator or a closed ice-pitcher.
  • One went so far as to take up its abode in the wire-screened refrigerator that stood outside the kitchen under an oak!
  • Water put in bottles and left in a refrigerator until properly chilled is the best way of preparing a summer beverage.
  • Spoiled milk owing to a faulty refrigerator is to be blamed for many attacks of acute illness among infants.
  • When the new one was in, he heard the starting click and steady drone of the refrigerator in the kitchen overhead.
  • This mixture will keep in the refrigerator or in a cool place for one week in summer time and from ten to twelve days in winter.
  • It is often made in a pint Mason jar and kept in the refrigerator to shake up on occasion and toss over lettuce or other salads.
  • As soon as cool enough put in refrigerator or in coolest place possible, as milk spoils very quickly unless kept cold. ~12.
  • The heat necessary to effect this vaporization is abstracted from brine or other liquid, which is circulated through the refrigerator by means of a pump.
  • And Sir S. proceeded to give the cousin a refrigerator glance; but it didn't discourage him.
  • Surely you have seen the freight cars with their signs painted on the outside telling that they are refrigerator cars, or coal cars, or other kinds of cars.
  • Should any tea remain after serving do not throw away, but strain at once from tea leaves and when cool place in a glass jar in refrigerator to be used as iced tea.

Definition of Refrigerator

A household appliance used for keeping food fresh by refrigeration (short form fridge). | One who has a chilling influence.
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