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How To Use Refugee In A Sentence?

  • These slow-paced men you see in brown mustaches and frogged coats are refugee Poles.
  • All refugee Protestants from France were ordered to leave under the same penalty.
  • The Germans replied, a refugee was wounded, the women screamed, all fled and hid themselves.
  • By 1684 a French refugee said beef, mutton, and pork were but twopence a pound in Boston.
  • The last refugee Buccaneers turned pirates, and settled in the island of New Providence.
  • Morglay was one of the Sword-Worlds, settled by refugee rebels from the System States planets.
  • I'll become a refugee rather than shoot at the flag my brother is sailing under.
  • Down the shaft of a chimney a cavity was scooped out of the brickwork, to which a refugee had to be lowered by a rope.
  • The refugee was as often as not an habitual criminal, who might have broken out of prison on the eve of execution.
  • Every time a refugee arrived at his locality he visits the unfortunate family with a view to finding out the state of their circumstances.
  • I have the honor to report the arrest of Lewis Paine, a refugee from Fauquier County, Va.
  • A refugee for any offence could not be seized on our premises till we saw just reason for "extraditing" him.
  • Venizelos is practically a refugee from his own country and at this writing is visiting our country to study American institutions.
  • Finding she was a refugee and fearing an evil day, he bound her down by law to suffer ejectment the moment she could no longer pay the rent.
  • Their homes were filled with refugee kinsfolk; wounded Confederates preferred the private house to the hospital.
  • Gustavus could not comply with his request, for the refugee was gone; but he seized again the opportunity to mention Sunnanväder.
  • There would be all the difference in the world between an elegant refugee Pole and a derelict of the Russian autocracy.
  • In the meantime he had married, at the Hague, Marie Anne Testart, a refugee from Saint-Quentin.
  • His army fled in all directions, and a refugee brought word that Murat, scorning surrender, had fallen sabring desperately to the last.
  • In our village in the first few months of the war, there came an old man, a refugee from Alsace-Lorraine.
  • The Maricopas are a refugee tribe, related to the Yumas, who once threatened them with extermination because of an inter-tribal feud.
  • From the same account it will be gleaned that the maximum limit allotted to the refugee was ordinarily forty days, after which he would cease to receive sustenance.
  • And while they rested there, Nella-Rose told him of the belief of the natives that he was the refugee Lawson.
  • The old refugee was obviously very reluctant to give up his wonderful epitaph, but my reading was clearly the favorite, and it was adopted in the end.
  • In the refugee camps a number of babies were born under the most distressing and pathetic circumstances, the mothers in many cases being unattended by either husbands or relatives.
  • Wolden said it had been written by a young refugee from the Nazis, and he doubted if over two or three copies of the manuscript were now in existence.
  • I have seen many of my refugee fellow-countrymen: some used to be rich and had lost their all; others were poor before the war and now no longer owned even what the poorest own.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Refugee | Refugee Sentence

  • No real deserter or refugee came by his way.
  • The Boer families were brought in to Refugee camps.
  • Rapin was admitted to the company of refugee cadets commanded by his uncle.
  • As he entered the refugee camp a moment later he was hailed with delight.
  • This wandering, homeless, penniless, obscure refugee was a match for kings.

Definition of Refugee

(transitive, US, historical) To convey (slaves) away from the advance of the federal forces. | A person seeking refuge in a foreign country out of fear of political persecution or the prospect of such persecution in his home country, i.e., a person seeking a political asylum. | A person seeking refuge due to a natural disaster.
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