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How To Use Refugees In A Sentence?

  • She waited a minute, staring abstractedly at the refugees who were presented next.
  • I hear she is a refugee, but she does not look like the other refugees who have come to our camp.
  • These poor refugees used to haunt those hideous piles of decaying matter and pick food from them.
  • It was very full, as it now contained all the refugees from the deserted town of Galveston.
  • I anticipated that refugees would meet with a welcome from the more fortunate people of the South.
  • This place is full of Belgian women and children refugees in a bad way from exhaustion.
  • Many of these Catholics were refugees from Ireland on account of the religious persecutions.
  • For men in their circumstances the refugees were the most jovial lot Marcy Gray had ever seen.
  • I am sadly off for clothes, as we of course are only too glad to help the poor refugees who come into camp with none.
  • We must not forget that these refugees are as much entitled to a home in this as in their own State.
  • They have been sheltering refugees from every nation that has been devastated and overrun by the mad Huns.
  • She was going to the office of some local paper, whence these poor refugees were directed where to go to find food and shelter.
  • Before the refugees had cleared the town, the shelling began, giving the last impelling haste to their exodus.
  • To them, sitting there, by ones and twos and threes the refugees came straggling in to gather for the night around their own fires.
  • There were refugees in the town that winter, people of strange appearance to us who were used to the Turks.
  • The refugees were twelve in number, and the chief cavasse, drawing aside the curtains from the door of an adjoining room, at once admitted them.
  • They were refugees from Harpersfield, who had sought safety in Schoharie at the beginning of the difficulties.
  • A group of refugees in wartime, waiting for visas in Portugal, undergo various transient attachments.
  • In Russia, pogroms and other forms of mob persecution had become so persistent that refugees were arriving in pitiful droves at our ports.
  • It contains no evidence of occupation, except that walls and ceiling are blackened with smoke, due, probably, to modern refugees or hunters.
  • The strange life of the refugees in the Haunted Chapel seriously interfered with their hitherto regular and healthful habits.
  • The Hungarian refugees withdrew, everyone of them weaving for himself fresh hopes from the assurances of the Vizier.
  • Our aim was when we left Memphis to get to Canada, as we regarded that as the safest place for refugees from slavery.
  • Paris refugees are crowding in, and sleeping on the floors of the hotels, and camping out in their motor cars, and many crossing to England.
  • Of these, 450,000 are now refugees in Holland, where the magnanimous Dutch are providing for them with no outside assistance.
  • In the event of an explosion, the liberal party will not want partizans, for France is crowded with refugees from tyranny, of every nation.
  • Just as the refugees in Holland, the Belgians who have remained in their land would like to put their hands in their pockets and be fed.
  • Years ago it was inhabited by Spanish refugees who fled back from the bloody attacks of the ravenous Caribbean pirates of the sixteenth century.
  • The impression that the whole jig was up, and that the refugees had been sold out by their own boss, was one that no railroad man undertook to discourage.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Refugees | Refugees Sentence

  • The refugees came in swarms.
  • Thirty-five Belgian refugees are being kept here.
  • Several of our Refugees talk French.
  • But this dictum was greeted by the refugees with a howl of dismay.
  • All the refugees and the wounded were passed on to a safer place.
  • Like this unfortunate lady, many refugees are sojourning in our midst.
  • I stepped into place in the long trail of refugees and started, however.
  • Now the city was massed with refugees from the ravaged parts of Belgium.
  • Abraham Perry was one of these Swiss refugees from the Selkirk settlement.
  • In the early days of the war there were Belgian refugees at Alexandra Palace.
  • And why couldn't you keep track of your refugees that way, too?

Definition of Refugees

plural of refugee
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