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  • There are some who are satisfied to go on, year after year, refusing to admit the truth.
  • Therefore, he had done his duty in refusing to be drawn into a fight with Albert and friends.
  • Perrin, the butler, refusing to move, two of the housemaids appear at last, hand in hand.
  • Under what circumstances is one justified in refusing time to the church for the sake of the family?
  • There are the strongest ethical and religious reasons for refusing to accept this unproved and unprovable dogma.
  • She would remain standing a little stiffly in the scullery refusing to assist him to the adjectival towel he sought.
  • He persists, with exasperating obstinacy, in refusing to sacrifice the interests of the landlords for whom he acts.
  • Davis himself had been twice flogged and once imprisoned for refusing to attend Protestant service.
  • United Miners has repudiated your actions even to the point of refusing the cost of your hospitalization.
  • It is only in an extreme case, though this opens a subject on which we cannot enter, that he can be justified in refusing obedience.
  • Before leaving this all-important episode, it is instructive to compare three other versions of the reason for refusing a conference.
  • She towed them into safety (her captain nobly refusing a present of a box of cigars offered him by the survivors).
  • Nance remained in bed, ruthlessly cutting lessons and refusing to take anything but a cup of soup at lunch time.
  • The old birds will remain with their offspring during times of most imminent danger, refusing to save themselves and leave their young in peril.
  • Such a proposal was a stroke of fortune for the abbe de Ganges, and he did not dream of refusing it.
  • She had been in a state of mental agony the night through, refusing to retire, and passing much of the time in pacing up and down the room.
  • In this sentence, what the writer cannot imagine is Lincoln himself, in the act of refusing his assent.
  • Suddenly the rickety conveyance comes to a full stop, and a kicking match begins, the plunging ponies refusing to budge an inch.
  • The sufferer is apt to interpret this as a new plague, his demon refusing him his legitimate sustenance, and compelling him to feed like an animal.
  • I think, in spite of what you say, you must see that there was not a good enough reason for refusing Lassigny for her.
  • His adversary in the air was not to be easily outdistanced, however, and he kept up with Bert, refusing to be shaken off.
  • I do not blame him for refusing to exchange prisoners, nor President Davis for allowing them to starve and freeze.
  • There he sat, refusing to come down, until the Ogre changed himself into his natural form, and laughingly called to him that he would not hurt him.
  • I swung my horse around in his tracks and raced him back to the poplars, knowing what I would find, and yet refusing to believe.
  • Now the worker must be made to see clearly that in refusing to pay rent to a landlord or owner he is not simply profiting by the disorganization of authority.
  • As God might have prevented the rise of evil in our world, by refusing to create man, why, it may be asked, did he not do so?
  • Science is the organised conquest of Nature, and I can quite understand that ancient libertine refusing to co-operate in her own undoing.
  • One great paper lends support to this contemptuous attitude towards quotational criticism by refusing to pay its contributors for space taken up by quotations.
  • I still maintain that we have made a mistake in refusing to take up the matter with St. Petersburg or Berlin.
  • They were apropos of Miss Maitland, who had taken an early morning swim, all alone, refusing to wait and go in with them.
  • We cannot be too strict, therefore, in applying to books the rules we follow in regard to society, and refusing our acquaintance to those books unworthy of it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Refusing | Refusing Sentence

  • Of course there was no refusing this.
  • Father pushed the jewel aside, refusing the gift.
  • Artimisia Briggs got married not long after refusing me.
  • And all for refusing a letter and speaking saucily to a lady.
  • Unfortunately his daughter persists in refusing every offer of marriage.
  • I cannot imagine Lincoln refusing his assent to this measure.
  • In these it was quite balky, refusing to fly except in short hops and jumps.
  • It's no use for me to make bad worse by refusing a good offer.
  • He is so desperately in love, he won't think of refusing anything we ask.

Definition of Refusing

present participle of refuse
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