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  • I am here to refute it.
  • I am here to refute that statement.
  • One little fact is sufficient to refute it.
  • She could herself refute any proof brought forward.
  • Is this to interpret, or to refute the divine word?
  • You mistake me, and I am here to refute it.
  • Once again her companions found themselves unable to refute the declaration.
  • No scientist has ever sought to refute either of these theories.
  • The biological thinker undertakes to refute the theory that war is selective.
  • We repeat, it is simply to refute and explode the sophism of the atheist.
  • Some, as the writings of the heretics, that we may refute them.
  • You may successfully refute him, but he holds firmly to his own ideas.
  • We may say this, but the inexorable logic of facts refute our opinions.
  • As if to refute this intuition, Fay turned up that very evening.
  • No one could, possibly, refute that, if suffrage were a right.
  • He courted argument; he challenged the whole Church to refute him.
  • The system of Aristotle does not simply cancel and refute that of Plato.

How To Use Refute In A Sentence?

  • Necessitarians not only refute each other, but in most cases each one contradicts himself.
  • It would be little use to try to refute anything he chose to tell about himself.
  • Your proofs have been striking, and I do not feel myself competent to refute them.
  • I will send you a copy of this Testament of the anti-Christ, because you desire to refute it.
  • And Diotti, remembering Mildred's words, could not refute the old man's statements.
  • We have no idea that he will ever be able to refute the volumes that have been written to confound him.
  • But it is easy to refute all these useless reasonings and to show the falsity of all these evidences.
  • I lost myself in horrified contemplation of the grotesque vision he had conjured up and forgot to refute him.
  • In the process, it will make it much less likely that we will have the evidence needed to refute it.
  • It is only natural that one who devotes himself to such work, should not notice that reality may refute him.
  • What he had just witnessed would seem to refute the idea of either costume or make-up having any bearing upon the case.
  • They believe what they choose to believe, irrespective of the quality of the testimony which may be advanced to refute their belief.
  • Why do you not set them to write a volume of the same size to refute the arguments and assertions of Paine?
  • It would be quite ridiculous, however, for me to attempt seriously to refute such a palpable imposture.
  • Bud admitted to himself that his only chance was to refute Stelton's damaging inference.
  • All of these men by their very existence in political life refute the slander you have uttered against your fellow Americans.
  • I suppose you will indignantly refute the charge, but you know I have never trusted you in that matter.
  • And, per contra, except as they define or refute such practical truth, religion is not essentially concerned with theoretical judgments.
  • Concerning the Divine Presence there hath been sent down what no denier hath been or is now able to refute or repudiate.
  • But here the question arises: Can we refute the argument against the accountability of man, without attacking the doctrine on which it is founded?
  • However, the truth was forced home to him by a friend from Sydney, who thought it better he should know the facts and try to refute them.
  • We have all unfortunately heard the charge, and in fairness to Mr. Lorimer we should hear him refute it.
  • I never refuse to hear grievances: if they are groundless I try to refute them; if real, to redress them.

Definition of Refute

(transitive) To prove (something) to be false or incorrect. | (transitive) To deny the truth or correctness of (something).
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