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  • Red hospital flags, hung like regalia from half the houses.
  • A History of Regalia in all Times and Countries.
  • With spectacular ceremonial and regalia the Indians staged their "rain dance.

How To Use Regalia In A Sentence?

  • For three months to come thou wilt contain the regalia of all wits, of all capabilities.
  • He had the bulkier of his vestments and regalia in his stout leather bag lashed firmly to the sled.
  • These were dressed in the fantastic regalia of the order and bore tremendous spears as the badge of their office.
  • That invisible fracture reduced its value thousands of dollars, and it was rejected from the regalia of England.
  • I think it was, attired in all his regalia of headdress with eagle feathers, beaded coat, and fringed breeches.
  • Tom glanced down at his ancient regalia of worn leather chaps, spurs, and the old forty-one that sagged from his right hip, and grinned.
  • The chief city of America is fortunate in the fact that a noble harbor presents her in full regalia to the voyager from Europe.
  • On horseback and in wagons, war bonnets and full regalia glittering in the sun, the Indians were coming straight toward the Ammons settlement.
  • Gerard de Riderfort surrounded the palace with troops; he closed the gates of Jerusalem, and delivered the regalia to the Patriarch.
  • Ma si trova anche qualche regalia straordinaria a giudici, proprio nel momento che liti della eccellentissima ducale amministrazione pendevano in tribunali.

Definition of Regalia

(archaic) A kind of large cigar of superior quality.
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