Regard For In A Sentence

How To Use Regard For In A Sentence?

  • She knew I had no regard for her when we married.
  • As you know, I had always a great regard for her.
  • Briefly, then, I feel a regard for you.
  • He had no regard for Lady Pippinworth.
  • I am no coward; still, I have some regard for my life.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Regard For | Regard For Sentence

  • Continue your regard for me.
  • It was not her regard for him.
  • I have no such regard for him.
  • You have no regard for me.
  • He and all of you have no regard for me.
  • You still have some regard for me?
  • She had a great regard for him.
  • Only of her regard for that other man.
  • Have a little regard for me.
  • I have a regard for your son.
  • He had a strict regard for morals.
  • Without regard for the moment he stayed him.
  • Has no regard for this, at all.
  • Your continued regard for him convinces me of that.
  • He had an extreme regard for his wife.
  • That looks as if he had more regard for the direct line.
  • But he could not look up out of regard for his sight.
  • And this regard for holy things was their salvation.
  • Far too much regard for you to stand on ceremony.
  • Papers were jammed in these without regard for order.
  • The natives seem to have little regard for these.
  • Your regard for servants is a case in point.
  • I have a very high regard for good women.
  • Forgetfulness denotes lack of regard for the friend.
  • Our regard for her welfare far exceeds yours.
  • She had no belief in a future state and no regard for it.
  • I have also felt regard for thy brother.
  • King felt a thrill of real regard for the rascal.
  • Regard for the rights and obligations of all, is order.
  • He had less regard for red tape than most chief justices.
  • She had family and friends, all full of regard for her.
  • I have a great regard for the doctor, and he knows it.
  • I've some regard for the family dignity if you haven't.
  • You and Mabel have no regard for my feelings at all.
  • Of course we have the greatest regard for Amieux.
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