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  • You may proceed regardless of the expense.
  • This would happen regardless of how the surface roots were treated.
  • The streets were driven straight ahead regardless of contours.
  • This despotism grew up regardless of any theory of law or constitution.
  • Moreover, they hold their deities to be quite regardless of motives.
  • Self and the need of the moment, regardless of what may come after.
  • He talked to me of anything that interested him, regardless of my limitations.
  • The king, however, was not regardless of justice and of his own dignity.
  • The mighty Bhima wishes to strangle Kichaka regardless of consequences.
  • If I had a child I would name it Henry the Eighth, regardless of sex.
  • And he's a hopelessly bad driver, and quite regardless of law and order.

How To Use Regardless In A Sentence?

  • This is usually regardless of the duration of the conversation following the call.
  • Home ranges of cottontails are overlapped by those of others regardless of sex or age.
  • Hairs lost accidentally are quickly replaced, regardless of the condition of the molt.
  • She bought the best she could procure, and seemed utterly regardless of expense.
  • When voting, it was our duty to vote for the best man, regardless of his party name.
  • McCloud greeted Dunning, regardless of his amazement, as if he had parted from him the day before.
  • But Reggie Beauchamp, regardless of his immaculate flannels, had plunged knee-deep into the mire.
  • She struck me oddly as taking the relationship for a thing in itself, and regardless of its consequences.
  • Love has brought me to disaster, because my career had been planned regardless of its possibility and value.
  • She stood very erect with the dauntless air of one testifying to the truth regardless of consequences.
  • This arrangement had the advantage of giving a positive ring-off, regardless of the condition of the connected line.
  • These, regardless of the exact form of the carbon particles, are called granular-carbon transmitters.
  • Two or three times he was hailed as he passed houses, but he dashed on regardless of the fact that a bullet might be sent after him.
  • Disobeying orders, they will rummage and clean by fits and starts, regardless of the havoc they innocently make.
  • It seemed that she was growing more fond of the gay world, more desirous of flattery, and more regardless of home happiness.
  • Before a well-spread table his desire to eat would become simply furious, and it was indulged regardless of quality and quantity.
  • Physically, they were becoming weaker with each meter that they travelled, but regardless of their discomfort, they relentlessly carried-on.
  • His weapon was drawn at all times and in his speed he shot several large animals, regardless if they motioned to attack him, or not.
  • Which plainly was proved when this people, becoming proud and regardless of the blessing of the saint, neglected to pay the appointed tribute.
  • That Germans who are found at sea by our enemies are robbed of their liberty regardless of whether they are combatants or non-combatants.
  • Captain Griffiths proceeded with the air of a man who has a task to finish and intends to do so, regardless of interruptions.
  • I recollect that we shook hands all around, and that our tongues wagged extravagantly, regardless of whoever else might be speaking.
  • Now Eckma knew she was safe from death, no matter if she had children, and regardless of their appearance.
  • We chatted together utterly regardless of the time, and it was not until the first gong had sounded that I thought of dressing for dinner.
  • But Helen was a woman to whom a goose was a goose, and a swan a swan, at all times, and regardless of ownership.
  • On this bright spot in the story the American mind is fixed, regardless of the dish we were made to eat for five-and-twenty years.
  • A breast-pin brought a fixed sum, good or bad, and a roll of cloth brought the fixed price of a roll of cloth, regardless of quality.
  • If he didn't go fast, he couldn't win the race, and to him that was reason enough to "hit it up" regardless of possible consequences.
  • The series of figures showing the cycle of operations of the magneto switchboard about to be discussed are typical of this type of switchboard almost regardless of make.

Definition of Regardless

Having no regard; heedless; careless. | Paying no attention to; regardless of. | Without attention to warnings or indications of bad consequences.
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