Reggie In A Sentence

Definition of Reggie

plural of reggia

How To Use Reggie In A Sentence?

  • Thus did young Reggie receive a lesson in sex contempt at the hands of his mother!
  • Till, our car showed symptoms of heat and fatigue, Reggie had to admit he was done.
  • But Reggie Beauchamp, regardless of his immaculate flannels, had plunged knee-deep into the mire.
  • Let Reggie and Aline keep all, except enough for a third-class passage to Winnipeg.
  • He was more fortunate in the case of Reggie Beauchamp, and he had his daughter to thank for the capture.
  • In the morning my cousin Reggie took me on his scooter to the bus station where we saw a bus about to depart for Goa.
  • Reggie's mother stiffened, and with withering scorn declared that she did not wish Reggie to wear a girl's coat.
  • If you take your share of the five hundred, what is going to educate your brother Reggie and your sister Aline?
  • Esther walks home with William Stratford that night, talking of nothing but Reggie and their schooldays.
  • It must be the port admiral's wife, Reggie told himself, doing her lord and master's dirty work for want of an available secretary.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Reggie | Reggie Sentence

  • Enid and Reggie Beauchamp are engaged to be married.
  • Vernon Mallory and Reggie Beauchamp.
  • Mrs. Thomas Reggie (W); 3Jan69; R451827.
  • Your foolishness ended yesterday with the return of Reggie Pollock.
  • Father," she said, "I want you to make a bargain with Reggie Esmond for me.
  • And, besides, don't you know what Reggie used to call your ferret look?
  • Mrs. Thomas Reggie (W); 26Sep69; R469152. Deadlock.
  • What the Frohman's are to the stage, Reggie Squandercash is to society.
  • And she added with a smile: "What will Reggie Duggan have to say to that?

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