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  • The reigning belle of Manhattan.
  • What is true of some of the reigning families of Europe?
  • Shall I find my heavenly bread in the reigning poets?
  • The Guptas were a dynasty of kings reigning at Magadha.
  • And here he's reigning lord-paramount at the office!
  • The reigning prince may make his testament and prepare to die.
  • Therein, of course, the child only obeys the reigning fashion.
  • The hope, when days and years are past, Of reigning with the Lord.

How To Use Reigning In A Sentence?

  • In these logic and scholastic divinity were for centuries the reigning subjects of pursuit.
  • In fact, there is a perpetual malaria reigning throughout the country in question.
  • The buildings themselves are evidence of the apathy reigning among the Shirazis.
  • For he did not consider that our reigning providers in Scheerau seldom have any money.
  • Here she checked herself; candour, the reigning feature of her mind, repressed her murmurs.
  • But Maximin after reigning three years with extraordinary cruelty was slain by his own soldiers.
  • The very next morning I was seen at prayers, seated in the pew of the reigning belle.
  • You can't conceive of the intense interest which is reigning here, you can't realise it, scarcely.
  • He was the bitter enemy of Poggio, and of all who supported the reigning family of Florence.
  • Owing to distractions in the reigning family, Akbar sent an army into Kashmir in 1586.
  • In an age when the drama was the reigning literary fashion, the dialogue naturally enough had a concomitant vogue.
  • I found great confusion reigning there; numerous bands of the factious were reported to be hovering in the neighbourhood.
  • It questions accepted standards, and makes of reaction from the reigning fashion a permanent force in literature.
  • Among the reigning houses around us, how many, through family feuds, have been subjected to our rule?
  • She had been reigning sovereign at Briarwood hitherto; henceforth she could only live there on sufferance.
  • He had no doubt the wish also to get a footing in the circle of the legitimate reigning families of Europe.
  • He is in fact a viceroy appointed by the crown of Spain, and accountable only to the reigning sovereign for his administration of the colony.
  • More recently it has had its own reigning lords, and one of the least of them was the Scottish nobleman who sold it for gold in 1765.
  • Strife loomed heavy amid the reigning peace, the ruthless, savage strife which seems ever to center the purpose of all sentient life.
  • He then discovered that she was the wife of a wealthy Sicilian, widely noted for her beauty, and one of the reigning toasts.
  • Still the reigning beauty and the queen of French society, she died at the age of seventy-two, of cholera.
  • In like manner the wise men recorded the history of the empire, and chronicled the great deeds of the reigning Inca or his ancestors.
  • But the royal dignity of the Bey, the reigning prince of that country, would not allow him to be present at exhibitions given to the common people.
  • She was taken to parties, to the theatre, to military reviews; in short, she was flattered, caressed, and made the reigning belle.
  • The reigning family of Persia are the hereditary chiefs of the royal Kajar tribe, and still preserve the customs of that position.
  • Among some of the reigning families of Europe, particularly the Spanish, the folly of intermarriage among themselves is strongly illustrated.
  • He had interested that magnificent animal Pauline, reigning favorite, and autocrat, and Pauline was not discreet.
  • When they went out, they found great confusion reigning in the courtyard, but Mrs. Adamecz was loudest in her lamentations.
  • This was a presentation from the British government, and on it was stamped the arms of the reigning House of Hanover.
  • He would have no penniless, unknown governess reigning at Dartwood Hall, having already quite other views for his future successor.
  • He represents, perhaps portrays, the reigning King, and the thick lips may indicate Ethiopian blood.
  • Truly to bring peace into this household, with division reigning between husband and wife smitten with fear of the supernatural, would be no easy matter.

Definition of Reigning

Currently ruling or holding a position. | present participle of reign
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