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  • He reigns over the earth.
  • She reigns without control.
  • Oh, what silence reigns around!
  • At length absolute silence reigns on the platforms.
  • To-day peace reigns throughout our vast domain.
  • For two full minutes pandemonium reigns unchecked.
  • It will be shown that Law reigns supreme.
  • Samuel, reigns in Bulgaria, 10.
  • General Penny reigns at Delhi.
  • In the reigns of William III.
  • Notices of these occur from the reigns of Henry VIII.
  • Silence reigns also in the fishermen's settlement.
  • Moreover, he told me a romantic story about the lady who reigns here.
  • The sacred sense of union that reigns among the men is no less firm.
  • Silence reigns universally, in the city, in the roads, in the fields.
  • But this Child, cradled in poverty, reigns from generation to generation.
  • And though the winter rage without, The social summer reigns within.
  • And now again Night reigns supreme, But just beyond the Day is all agleam.
  • The "Barony of Earle" is mentioned in the early reigns of the Tudor kings.
  • He was employed in the Scottish wars in the reigns of Edward I. and II.
  • FROM early in the fifteenth century, through the reigns of Juan II.
  • F.R.S., Secretary to the Admiralty in the reigns of Charles II.

How To Use Reigns In A Sentence?

  • In this way a great variety of gods was in some reigns brought together from different countries.
  • Birds and early flowers appear in the valleys while winter still reigns on the higher mountains.
  • He reigns by the divine right of his violin, the undisturbed monarch of his native plains.
  • My brother, who disputed my right to the throne, reigns over a large portion of it.
  • Society reigns over units, over single figures agglomerated like grains of corn in a heap.
  • The Holy spirit can never enter our hearts, while this principle reigns supreme within.
  • There are some charming Indian legends in these mountains where the Profile reigns as king.
  • An air of rude grandeur reigns over these houses, the architecture being Gothic and Saracenic.
  • It reigns unmoved through the raving of the storm; it speaks of a bond beyond death and beyond life.
  • When the storm is over the great ice beds and banks of snow cease their pranks, and peace reigns once more in the mountains.
  • An anecdote was related to me during my stay in this island, which proves how strong maternal love reigns in the breast of a humming-bird.
  • Augustus III, elector of Saxony, reigns at the present time over Poland and Lithuania.
  • Now thrive the armourers; and honour's thought Reigns solely in the breast of every man.
  • It was during their short reigns that the great invasion of the Danes took place, which reduced the whole island to desolation and misery.
  • And, rail the brain-bald world at what it will, That's the grand atheism that reigns in it still.
  • I shall, my dear friend, always have a ruined village at your service against a rainy day, so long as our present ruler reigns and desolates.
  • There reigns the King and Lord of all, and ranged about are the far-off provinces of his material systems.
  • And such perfect quiet reigns now that long-drawn tolling is heard in the distant lighthouse of the Holy Cross.

Definition of Reigns

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of reign | plural of reign

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