Reinforcements In A Sentence

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  • And reinforcements would be on the way.
  • When reinforcements came up it was too late.
  • The reinforcements lost their way.
  • But reinforcements were pouring in from other lanes.
  • The expected reinforcements never came.
  • But the reinforcements were yet far away.
  • Away sped an express, to get reinforcements from the camp.
  • None of the expected reinforcements have arrived....
  • And now, thought they, these reinforcements had arrived.
  • Then, as they expected, reinforcements poured in.
  • Were more Austrian reinforcements coming up?
  • General Grant arrived with reinforcements from Vicksburg.
  • Hence the reinforcements were marching up in very small columns.
  • The soldiers and the reinforcements stayed out all the afternoon.
  • His supplies and reinforcements would then be at once cut off.
  • He had to provide motor-power for the reinforcements which he expected.
  • He had to provide motor-power for the reinforcements which he expected.
  • If reed straw cannot be had, other reinforcements can be used.
  • He knew not whether his colonel with reinforcements or the enemy were nearest.
  • A howling mob of reinforcements stormed the train for smokes.
  • That means that no reinforcements can reach us from the support trenches.
  • If he sends reinforcements everywhere, he will everywhere be weak.
  • It was clear that without large reinforcements we could make no headway.
  • On the morning of the 9th French reinforcements struggled up the hillside.
  • Heavy reinforcements were sent from Spain, and the strife continued.

How To Use Reinforcements In A Sentence?

  • Information was despatched to headquarters and reinforcements urgently asked for.
  • It was apparent that reinforcements were arriving from some large party in the rear.
  • But the reinforcements were not up promptly, and the assailants were driven back.
  • He had evidently received reinforcements in the form of renewed orders from his principals.
  • Word has just come that enemy reinforcements are moving up to the front along certain roads.
  • Moreover, the rivers are always ours and reinforcements will soon pour in to us.
  • It might have urgent need of reinforcements or of a concentrated fire on some dangerous spot.
  • An observer saved two battalions from extinction by calling up reinforcements in the nick of time.
  • Huang sent reinforcements to his armies, and a pursuit of the goddess was methodically organized.
  • For thirty-six hours they held out, and on the evening of the 24th their reinforcements arrived.
  • It effectually prevented French reinforcements from coming up to the first line.
  • By the most painful efforts he obtained orders for reinforcements to be sent to the French.
  • We expected an attack this morning, but, reinforcements arriving, the enemy retired.
  • A depot for recruiting was formed at Kirkcaldy and men quickly swelled our reinforcements there.
  • To stay here and await reinforcements would mean the slaughter of all the foreigners in Peking.

Definition of Reinforcements

plural of reinforcement
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