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  • This little reinstatement in his self-esteem acted like a tonic.

How To Use Reinstatement In A Sentence?

  • Gompers, Samuel, and the reinstatement of Miller, 180, 181; 195, 239, 240, 252.
  • To do so will mean the creation of opportunity for the complete reinstatement of German militarism.
  • Illness, and then his tender reinstatement in the good graces of Carmen during convalescence, had made him resigned to his fate.
  • At Rome, the effect of Antony's whirlwind reinstatement campaign gradually wore off.
  • He endeavored to arrive at his monthly appointments the previous day so as to have time for the discipline or reinstatement of wayward members, or hold an evangelistic meeting.

Definition of Reinstatement

The act of restoring something to its previous state.
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