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  • It is all in vain for you to reiterate such assertions.
  • We reiterate that we are for peace and law and order.
  • It is not, of course, my intention to reiterate history.
  • May I reiterate one fact?
  • Indeed I have not feared to reiterate hacknied truths.
  • I came to reiterate Miss Patty's invitation.

How To Use Reiterate In A Sentence?

  • Was it nothing more than a lore of torturing some one that made him reiterate those words?
  • Hardly hearing what she was saying, she made herself reiterate banalities about the moon.
  • Shallow lakes of water reiterate every detail of earth and sky; we dwell in a double universe.
  • In the face of such things it is difficult to reiterate the denial that Ivan was a morbid boy.
  • In order that I may be clearly understood, I will reiterate tho foregoing argument.
  • But she motioned me from her toward the door, and her pale lips parted again to reiterate her command.
  • COOPER, and beg, in the strongest way, to reiterate my thanks to that gentleman.
  • I ask you once more, and reiterate my request, that he may find that to be the case by practical experience.
  • Let us not tire to reiterate this: it is moral beauty which he everywhere seeks, both in nature and humanity.
  • In vain did I reiterate that it had been only a false alarm, and that she required to have her strength recruited.
  • But, before she had time to reiterate the anguished cry, he reappeared, pale and drenched, on the opposite bank.
  • We want to look at the question as a whole, to see exactly what we have to aim at, sometimes to reiterate what seem almost useless truisms.
  • He does nothing but reiterate that a large sum is owing, and it is what I have said, and even less.
  • Readers, lay and professional, let me reiterate in my parting words, words at white heat with conviction as to their soundness and utility.
  • Thus it goes on, with untold variations, in the face of which we continually reiterate that "telling everything" really means telling everything.
  • To reiterate the slenderness of her knowledge of the man Stent, so that the fact would be communicated to Smeaton?
  • And in this manner she continued to reiterate her conviction that the suspicions entertained of her lover were all assumed for some darkly obscure purpose.
  • Taking his stand at the end of the desk, he made MacRae reiterate in detail the grim happenings of that night.
  • To begin with, I reiterate my approval of your staying on, especially as, according to your account, you have consulted Caesar on the subject.
  • I have assumed this from the outset in quoting the dictum of Hobbes, but the point seems to be so easily overlooked by the loose thinker that it is necessary to reiterate it.

Definition of Reiterate

Reiterated; repeated. | (transitive) To say or do (something) for a second time, such as for emphasis. | (transitive) To say or do (something) repeatedly.
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