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How To Use Rejected In A Sentence?

  • As for forcing self-government on a country that rejected it, that was nonsense.
  • A thousand plans raced through his head, only to be rejected as soon as formed.
  • She held a flower in her hand, which she had offered her friend, who silently rejected it.
  • But though she saw despair expressed in every face, her mind still rejected it.
  • The conclusion was obvious, yet Lite loyally rejected it in the face of reason.
  • Because thou hast rejected the word of Jehovah, he hath also rejected thee from being king.
  • Mounier, who presided over the National Assembly, rejected the idea with horror.
  • Great Britain rejected this amendment and the Dallas-Clarendon treaty fell through.
  • Manifestly no one can be expected to accept as matter of faith an etymological solution which is rejected by philologists.
  • Dallas-Clarendon treaty, amended by Senate and rejected by Great Britain, 161, 162.
  • At such a time he who once haughtily rejected the hand of friendship is ready to meet his very enemy half-way.
  • The result is that shipments may be rejected when tendered against contracts, or that allowances in price have to be made.
  • Doing precisely the right thing would become quite another course of action if her heart rejected him.
  • He rejected the idea that this was more than a common dream; but soon he heard the voice repeating the warning.
  • If it does not bear up under at least six times the strain it will ever be called on to endure in flight, it is rejected as unfit.
  • You probably chose that at 25 florins, and on such occasions the best quality should not be rejected for the sake of a couple of florins.
  • The offer was generous, but the garrison rejected it with a good-tempered disdain and the siege went on with renewed earnestness.
  • Disappointed love seemed the only conceivable reason, but I rejected it as being quite inconceivable.
  • It appears to be a something going much out of fashion, falling into ridicule, and rejected in some countries both as unnecessary and expensive.
  • During the Australian emigration, multitudes were rejected by the commissioners as being too emaciated for useful colonists.
  • And then he fell, misunderstood and rejected by his own people, and his great career closes apparently in signal and tragic defeat.
  • But, after all, the rejected counsels were not so bad, as the event unhappily showed a dozen or fourteen years afterwards.
  • This proposed basis for a treaty was rejected by Nicaragua, which left the questions involved in the same unsettled position.
  • The claims as presented were all rejected by the arbitrator, except the claim for injury to Pelletier personally by his confinement in prison.
  • But Berkeley, fattened by prosperity to a gross snobbishness, rejected the idea as vulgar and unfitting.
  • While so many pictures of acknowledged merit are rejected for lack of room, it is scarcely fair, perhaps, for one artist to exhibit so many.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Rejected | Rejected Sentence

  • Shorty rejected this contemptuously.
  • But she is rejected and despised.
  • By all rejected love!
  • He shrugged his shoulders, and rejected two papers unread.
  • It was finally rejected June 30 by vote of 28 to 28.
  • His sanguine spirit rejected this as she had known that it would.
  • Irish proposals were rejected not in parliament, but in these secret councils.
  • They have maintained the great fact in words, but rejected it in substance.
  • I am no longer a nameless adventurer, a neglected, rejected outcast.
  • An offer to do this was foolishly rejected by the Moslems in 1870.
  • This was rejected in Ireland as fatal to their Constitution.
  • This argument Luther rejected as a carnal perversion of the Gospel.
  • It is rejected by Waitz-Gerland, speaking for studious science in Europe.
  • Hay-Herran convention, signed, 185; rejected by Colombia, 186, 187.

Definition of Rejected

simple past tense and past participle of reject
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