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  • Vesta made no rejoinder at once.
  • His rejoinder should have been very reassuring.
  • A rejoinder of the most extreme acidity was on my lips.
  • Albemarle waved the frivolous rejoinder aside.
  • The mild rejoinder seemed to irritate Von Salzinger.
  • This crushing rejoinder had no effect upon Aunt Margaret.
  • Ballard's rejoinder was placatory.
  • Her confident rejoinder perplexed him and he remained silent.
  • Bromley's rejoinder was promptly affirmative.
  • I believe a gay and chaffing rejoinder is what he can least overcome.
  • Even Hilbert looked pleased at the effect which his rejoinder had produced.
  • So curt a rejoinder made Lenny's blood fly to his face.
  • The new sacred word is --the reply --the rejoinder .
  • And Philip's rejoinder was only second in nobility to yours....
  • Aunt Maria was a little pacified by Harry's rejoinder the night before.
  • I see you are clean gone," was the laughing rejoinder of Mr. Appleton.
  • And in that rejoinder "Lord" Bill understood the man's guile.
  • His facetious rejoinder was: "Was ever the Father of his Country so defamed?

How To Use Rejoinder In A Sentence?

  • She had no sarcastic rejoinder ready and if she had it was doubtful if she would have uttered it.
  • Such a nonsensical and infantile rejoinder deserved no answer, and it received none.
  • This witty rejoinder made the arrogant soldier frown, and the talk suddenly ceased.
  • With which crushing rejoinder she marched away, dragging the unhappy Leslie after her.
  • Her step-mother's rejoinder did not reach Joan's ears, but she saw her glance round uneasily.
  • Reply and rejoinder on both sides followed in due time; and this war of pamphlets was one of the prominent political incidents of the year.
  • The rejoinder of the Christ is designed to satisfy the popular expectation without raising popular uproar.
  • Then Maria made that inevitable rejoinder which is made always, which is at once trite and pathetic.
  • After such a noble rejoinder Harry's heart softened instantly, and he returned the wish.
  • As the charges against Luther have become stereotyped, so the rejoinder cannot hope to bring forward any new facts.
  • It goes without saying that the innocent rejoinder opened the way to an acrid discussion of John Tullis.
  • It was even a sort of kind rejoinder to the various ferments kept up by the truculent twins, the pusillanimous exhorter, and the terrified Basile.
  • George had a quick rejoinder to his letter of excuse to Haslam, so we had not his company yesterday, which I was sorry for as there was our old set.
  • The Briton feeling innocent of any wrong, and being a man of pluck, put in a sharp rejoinder which was met by another from the peppery Irishman.
  • He worshipped his mother, but in several instances that morning he caught himself just in time to prevent the utterance of some sharp rejoinder to her pleasant, motherly queries.
  • A few lines will suffice for my rejoinder to H. C. K.'s further observations on this subject.
  • But, considering the number of names appended to it, it certainly merited a serious response, in which light the actual rejoinder could not be regarded.

Definition of Rejoinder

(intransitive) To issue a rejoinder. | (transitive) To say as a rejoinder. | (law) The defendant's answer to the replication.
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