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  • Ries relates no such thing.
  • And that this whole affair relates to you?
  • One consideration relates to our country.
  • Gassendi relates an experiment to the same effect.
  • The "call" is similar, but relates to buying.
  • Which relates the Happy Ending.
  • Brito relates further the disposition made of the Castilians and their cargo.
  • He has that Province which relates to Affairs Ecclesiastical.
  • The last brought us to the Royal Family, and what relates to the Court.

How To Use Relates In A Sentence?

  • Recognition relates exclusively to those mental images that are the replica of former experiences.
  • The third roll relates to astronomy or astrology, or more likely to both these subjects.
  • Setting aside what relates to political economy, this phenomenon leads to false reasoning.
  • As it relates to the rural pastor, it means also a knowledge of rural sociology.
  • The question under discussion relates to the loan of 5,000,000 gavvos, before mentioned.
  • Sir David Brewster relates an interesting example of illusion arising from this source.
  • A version of that part of the Nibelungen Lied which relates to the story of Siegfried.
  • In this story the author relates the stirring tale of the Scottish War of Independence.
  • In the earlier communities practically all law relates to the preservation of life and of the tribe.
  • One of the most important considerations relates to the moral effect of the school life and environment.
  • Another class of phenomena of this kind relates to the great battles that have at times decided the fate of the world.
  • There are many remarkable cases of verification; and one of them relates to the quadrature of the circle.
  • What has been said thus far relates obviously to cases where the mother is at the commencement of her work of training.
  • Reminiscences of his first exile which he relates at a much later period to the guests at his table are also exaggerated.
  • He relates the difficulties encountered in the attempts so often made to subject the friars to the diocesan visit.
  • He then relates in detail the number and remuneration of all ecclesiastical offices, from bishop to cura.
  • Although the work of the temporal power relates to the body, it yet belongs to the spiritual estate.
  • The narrative continues and relates many of the mannerisms of the people, and tells of their peculiar traits.
  • The seeming admission that polygamy might be permissible relates to cases for which the laws of all civilized nations make provisions.
  • The foregoing explanation of the series shows it to be very simple and makes it clear that it relates to the day columns at the top of the pages.
  • The "good patriot" then relates that during the week he had spent an evening at a concert in a beer-garden.
  • Another soldier relates how his comrades and the Saxons opposed to them sang and shouted to each other through the night.
  • One advantage claimed for ribbed sheet which may entirely justify the preference exhibited by consumers, relates to the question of packing.
  • The position we reach is as follows: So far as relates to the general problems of energy in the universe the body is a machine.
  • This last, in a history which he wrote of himself and his times, relates the following instance of the early development of the ambition of Hassan.
  • The first relates to the fixing of the planetary orbits, and the other to the process by which the planets have reached their present mass and character.
  • But Melanchthon is declared entirely wrong when he relates that Luther was the wonder of the University.
  • I have here attempted a very free translation of the stirring ballad which relates this noteworthy incident, which cannot but be of interest at such a time as the present.
  • Kelley relates that in constructing this highway willow trees were cut near the stream and the trunks cut into the desired lengths before being laid in place.
  • The Lord de Joinville remained with him the whole time, and relates some curious events that took place during his stay.
  • In earliest infancy he takes his first unconscious lessons in the fine art of living with other folks as he relates himself to parents and to brothers and sisters.

Definition of Relates

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of relate
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