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How To Use Relates To In A Sentence?

  • It now only remains to instruct you as to what relates to the fixing of it in its place.
  • The portion of the ritual that relates to the planting of the maize is here given.
  • The problem of the negro relates to his capacity for improvement and self-support.
  • Pro always relates to the cause or reason for something happening or being done.
  • The next division of the work relates to subterranean and submarine telegraphic lines.
  • Many persons harbor the notion that interpretation relates to the work of the dead masters only.
  • The third roll relates to astronomy or astrology, or more likely to both these subjects.
  • It must be interesting, for everything which relates to life and reproduction is interesting.
  • This method of naming, relates to convenience and is applied to the most evident parent.
  • This volume relates to insect life in the summer, and is as entertaining as a romance.
  • One of the oldest forms of folk stories relates to the wanderings of a hero in distant regions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Relates To | Relates To Sentence

  • It relates to your daughter.
  • And that this whole affair relates to you?
  • My doubt now only relates to his appearance.
  • One consideration relates to our country.
  • Secular knowledge relates to this life.
  • This statute also relates to other matters.
  • This investigation relates to sewed hats only.
  • Religious knowledge relates to celestial creeds.
  • The remainder of this request relates to other subjects.
  • Megret has left us, and your journey relates to him.
  • The first, relates to the health of a family.
  • What relates to Paoli will amuse you much.
  • Our drawback in Rome relates to books.
  • The "call" is similar, but relates to buying.
  • This as far as it relates to Peter Bell is unlucky.
  • He does not seem to be more exact in what relates to the penance itself.
  • Hygiene interests itself in all that relates to human well-being.
  • It relates to the rights and liberties of everyone in this room.
  • Secular knowr-ledge relates to human duties to be performed.
  • The whole matter relates to pardoning or not pardoning an injury.
  • The second article of the constitution relates to the executive department.
  • They have no opinion of their own, upon aught but what relates to themselves.
  • Another consideration, relates to the indiscriminate bestowal of charity.
  • The sixth method, relates to the government of the tones of voice.
  • Another branch of good-manners, relates to the duties of hospitality.
  • It relates to whatever gives immediate pleasure or pain to the human mind.
  • Religion, as far as it relates to any other life than this, has no foundation.
  • Concrete science relates to objects or beings; abstract science to events.
  • The parable of the ten virgins is one, which relates to the kingdom of heaven.
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