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  • Free love was the only beautiful relationship that could exist between the sexes.
  • I cannot believe there will be much change in the relationship that exists between the consecrated soul and its centre of attraction.
  • It is because of this superiority of the female in the sexual relationship that women must be granted their claim for emancipation.
  • The former is a dramatic relationship that drifts to a climax, and then again seeks presently a climax, and that may be satiated or fatigued.
  • All these conditions indicate the close relationship that exists between relative position and freedom of action (page 70).
  • It is, I believe, in this field of organic change and relationship that the conditions of origin must be sought.
  • I suggest to those recently married and those about to be married that they are entering into a relationship that can bring them the highest and most lasting happiness or the most crushing disillusion and despair.
  • Maternity is thrust upon these physically and mentally immature young wives, and they assume the principal role in a relationship that is onerous and exacting.
  • One of the results of this unchangeableness of Semitic speech is the close similarity and relationship that exist between the various languages that represent it.
  • This is no catalogue of rights and wrongs, or superiorities and inferiorities; it is a catalogue of differences between two people linked in a relationship that constantly becomes more intolerant of differences.
  • These facts are mentioned to explain the relationship that existed between John Boland and Martin Druce.
  • It is through such close relationship that mutual understanding is best developed and harmony promoted, so that intelligent and cordial unity of effort may exist among the personnel of a command.
  • It was a curious relationship that grew up between the two, and the cashier, who enjoyed the credit of having made the selection, profited by it indirectly as much as any one else.
  • It has always been a feature of our relationship that Margaret absent means more to me than Margaret present; her memory distils from its dross and purifies in me.
  • It studies the friendship of a white boy, Ranny, and a black boy, Shadow, a relationship that is opposed by both the Northern white mother and the ambitious and independent Negro mother.
  • Wordsworth's service to humanity consists in the fact that he has shown us old truth in a new light, and has made plain the close relationship that exists between physical nature and the soul of man.
  • She was generally calm in her mother's presence, never criticizing her openly, and her merry heart kept her from being really unhappy in a relationship that many girls would have found intolerable.
  • The safe and right consideration in any relationship that is to last into marriage is not only--are our persons agreeable to each other?
  • But notwithstanding the close ties of relationship that united him to so saintly a personage, Dewadat is represented as the incarnation of evil, ever opposed to Buddha in his benevolent designs in favour of human kind.
  • It would be representative of the fundamental distributive relationship--that is the relationship between the various levels of earnings and the total product of market values.
  • If there is one thing that disgusts me more than another it is the disposition to make one's religion a stepping-stone to earthly objects and the means of forcing upon others a familiarity or a relationship that is offensive to them.
  • Modern astronomy is so rapidly and wonderfully linking the earth and the sun together, with all the orbs of space, in the bonds of close physical relationship, that a person of education and general intelligence can offer no valid excuse for not knowing where to look for Sirius or Aldebaran, or the Orion nebula, or the planet Jupiter.
  • The old Roman law established, for example, a fundamental difference between "Agnatic" and "Cognatic" relationship, that is, between the Family considered as based upon common subjection to patriarchal authority and the Family considered (in conformity with modern ideas) as united through the mere fact of a common descent.
  • The President's Second Industrial Conference, which was appointed to make recommendations concerning the most urgent problems of industrial relationship that had been accentuated by the war, emphasized the need for the "deliberate organization" of the relationship between employer and employees in large industries, but contributed little to the matters in dispute.
  • The arguments for group marriage in Australia are of two kinds--(1) from the terms of relationship, that is to say of a mixed philological and sociological character, and (2) from the customs of the Australian tribes.
  • It was as if he had torn from her throat the hands of some hideous beast, half-man, half-devil, and they entered Kate's home in such normal, cheerful relationship that no one could possibly have associated any hidden grief with either of them, not even with Mrs. Lambert, and Viola met her hostess with the gay spirits of an unexpected but confident guest.
  • Agriculture originally appears to have been entirely the woman's industry, while the men were engaged in hunting or looking after the cattle, and wherever agriculture was the predominant feature of life we find that relationship is traced through the mother; while on the other hand those tribes who were chiefly pastoral had a paternal system of relationship--that is to say, that descent was counted through the males.
  • --is so essentially a part of any fruitful change in our domestic and social relationship that women must not permit themselves for a moment to forget it.
  • Still, I must say that, considering the long and intimate relationship that has for nearly two centuries existed between their house and my family, they might--well--have shown a little more consideration."
  • John Blackwood, the sixth son, enjoyed the distinction of "discovering" George Eliot and beginning, by the publication of her _Scenes of Clerical Life_ in 1857, a relationship that was both pleasant and profitable to the firm.
  • both Helen and he adopted the pleasing fiction of a relationship that did not exist--"you must ask Mr. Brett."
  • "Well--no--not in those words," shuffled Kidd, perceiving quickly wherein his error lay, "but--ah--I jumped at the conclusion, seeing his intense enthusiasm for the lady's beauty and--er--intellectual qualities, that he referred to you, and it is from yourself that I have gained my knowledge as to the fraternal, not to say sororal, relationship that exists between you."

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  • One would hardly have guessed the close relationship that existed between them.
  • Then you saw at once the relationship that he held with Sir Noel.
  • "You understand the official relationship that exists between us.
  • _ and their relationship that of _subsumption_ of individual under universal

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