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  • What accounted for the relatively high gravity pull of this tiny body was its spin.
  • The general cultural status of the inhabitants of Germanic origin is relatively high.
  • Its capacity is great, and it can be run at relatively high speeds with a moderate expenditure of power.
  • The older settlers felt that they must take advantage of the relatively high wages offered women to make payments on property.
  • It is said that the organization of the workers at the points where the cost of living was relatively high would insist upon a differential over other places for that reason.
  • The scooped or "V" neckline with no collar was relatively high; in order to put on or remove the suit it was unbuttoned at one shoulder.
  • A relatively high degree of flexibility and specialization of the curriculum will help the pupil find what he is best fitted for, and thereby minimize waste.
  • This rubber vulcanises at about the same rate as ordinary thin crepe, for the relatively high temperature of drying does not appear to influence the rate of cure.
  • The subject enrollment may sometimes be relatively high and the percentage of failure for that subject correspondingly lower than for a subject with the same number of failures but a smaller enrollment.
  • Even after civilization and culture had achieved a relatively high position, they were still purely local, and from this fact subject to violent shocks.
  • The importance of flavor in determining the commercial value of butter is evidenced by the relatively high value placed upon this factor in scoring, viz.
  • The quantity of matter mechanically inclosed is relatively high, as in the precipitation of much lead peroxide there is relatively more saline matter occluded than when a few centigrammes are deposited.
  • This population is accustomed to a relatively high standard of life, in which, even now, some sections of it anticipate improvement rather than deterioration.
  • They give a relatively high electromotive force and have a moderately low internal resistance, so that they are capable of giving rather large currents for short intervals of time.
  • The light emitted by stars of this class gives a continuous spectrum, the predominating element being hydrogen, having a very elevated temperature and under relatively high pressure.
  • Also, the theory does not explain why rubber obtained by evaporation of latex at relatively high temperatures is fast vulcanising, although the possibility of putrefaction is excluded.
  • Does not the ability of the enterprises established at the places where the cost of living is relatively high, to compete with the others, denote a compensating advantage in another stage of production?
  • The policies are usually small, sufficient only for burial expenses, and the rates are relatively high because of the bad risk among the wage earners, and especially because of the expense of weekly collections.
  • Their products, while often exquisite in quality, were largely luxuries, and were always produced by such slow, antiquated methods that their quantity was limited and their market price relatively high.
  • There were, for example, migrants who in the South had held positions of relatively high standing by virtue of the fact that there do exist two institutional standards, the white and the black.
  • These conventions duly having been observed, Madame Jolicoeur would seat herself in her especial easy-chair, above the relatively high back of which her night-capped head a little rose.
  • For then, the ability of the enterprises established at the points where the cost of living was relatively high to compete with the others would indicate that they benefited by some compensating advantage in their location.
  • In considering a patriot army as exemplifying collective life of a relatively high level, we distinguished five principal conditions that raise it above the level of the mental life of the crowd, in addition to one which is present in some crowds.
  • Then it may be contended further that the added maturity and experience of those later entrants may partly compensate for a lack of native ability, if such be the case, and thereby result in a relatively high percentage of non-failing pupils for this group.
  • When the two plates are connected by a wire, a current flows from the copper to the zinc plate through the metallic path of the wire, just as is to be expected when any conductor of relatively high electrical potential is joined to one of relatively low electrical potential.
  • The enemy submarine seldom knew its assailant was anywhere in the neighbourhood; a merchant ship, from its relatively high bridge, could sometimes see the torpedo approach and turn out of its way; but it was almost impossible to see a wake from the low conning-tower or periscope of a submarine, and no one except the observer had a glimpse of the surface.
  • Nauckhoff states that a suitable substance for dissolving in nitro- glycerine, in order to lower the freezing point of the latter, must have a relatively low molecular weight, must not appreciably diminish the explosive power and stability of the explosive, and must not be easily volatile at relatively high atmospheric temperatures; it should, if possible, be a solvent of nitro-cellulose, and in every case must not have a prejudicial influence on the gelatinisation of the nitro-cellulose.
  • Preisen at relatively high prices zu welchen Bedingungen on what terms zu welchen
  • Many large-scale operations are entered into, not because prices are relatively high or low, but to make them high or low for ulterior purposes; i.e. the market is deliberately "bulled or beared."
  • MOTHERS' ASSISTANTS Attention has been called to the fact that many housewives, either because the husband's income is inadequate or because their standard of family needs is relatively high, or because there is some special family object to be attained, become wage earners and are away from their home during the hours of the working day.
  • Where relatively high moral attributes are assigned to a Being, I have called the result 'Religion;' where the same Being acts like Zeus in Greek fable, plays silly or obscene tricks, is lustful and false, I have spoken of 'Myth.'[3] These distinctions of Myth and Religion may be, and indeed are, called arbitrary.
  • "To Spain belongs the glory of having raised to a relatively high grade of civilization, improving greatly their condition, a people which she found on a lower stage of culture distracted by petty wars and despotic rule.
  • (we thank him for the word) about the dancing daffodils; who could talk of "the splendid strains of Moore" (though I have myself a relatively high opinion of Moore) and pronounce "

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  • There individual wage incomes are relatively high.
  • Their dielectric constants assume relatively high values.
  • Oriental in relatively high altitude _Syrrhophus
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