Relaxed In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Relaxed | Relaxed Sentence

  • His face relaxed into a smile.
  • It had been a moment of relaxed tension.
  • His face relaxed and his tone changed.
  • The pale face relaxed into a smile.
  • He relaxed in his chair and patted his belly.
  • Her lips relaxed in a pale smile.
  • The stern man relaxed a little, and smiled.
  • The head falls back, and the limbs are relaxed in death.
  • There was a more relaxed air in Moscow these days.
  • At last the admiral relaxed his hand on Glaucon.
  • Kate's hand relaxed its hold upon her sister's arm.
  • Jean in the loge gave a sigh of relaxed tension and looked around her.
  • The moment she believed someone else took her place she relaxed her hold.
  • Then, he relaxed and the hard sternness of his face softened a bit.
  • He was satisfied that Boyce was handling the situation and so he relaxed more.
  • Then, abruptly, as he looked up, his face relaxed into all frankness.
  • The dwarf's hold relaxed and Hal jumped away.
  • Then Evelyn looked at her, her pouting expression relaxed gradually.
  • Lenny Poe closed his eyes, folded his arms, and relaxed in his chair.
  • Look at them all, don't they look relaxed and soothed and refreshed?
  • For the first time since Porter's warning he relaxed his vigilance.
  • The strained lines around Esther Davidson's mouth relaxed for a second.

How To Use Relaxed In A Sentence?

  • They slept much of the morning away and relaxed most of the afternoon and evening.
  • He was so taken aback at the unexpected event that he relaxed his hold on his captive.
  • She caught his hand while her small face relaxed from its expression of rigid disdain.
  • The steel-sinewed flanks stiffened and relaxed rhythmically as the hillside flew past.
  • Her little determined face relaxed into wonderful softness when she entered the cool church.
  • Let them drop at the sides in their natural relaxed position, ready for instant use.
  • He was too tired, too utterly relaxed by warmth and medicine, to think clearly.
  • Lois's face relaxed suddenly with an effect of sunshine breaking through a cloud.
  • The man's brows relaxed a little and he answered them without waiting to be addressed.
  • His mind relaxed its tension, and seemed to be giving out now what it had taken in unconsciously at the time.
  • She was sitting lightly relaxed at his side, but there was nothing even negatively responsive in her attitude.
  • Springing up from her relaxed position, she sat straight and unbending, with her indignant eyes on his face.
  • As she looked at it her face relaxed unconsciously, inevitably; under the stimulus of some habitual and secret joy.
  • The sickening drop leaves him a trifle paler, perhaps, and he no longer has the pleasant sensation of relaxed enjoyment.
  • The square, rather brutal, face was relaxed as if in sleep, but here was the type of man who would recuperate with great speed.
  • She gave a little sob, and her fingers relaxed their hold upon the revolver, which Deane transferred into his own pocket.
  • But throughout this ordeal Tilak never relaxed his political activity either in the Press or in the manifold organizations which he controlled.
  • It so happened that Alan and his wife were in London and as there had been no signs of Meason the watchers relaxed their vigilance.

Definition of Relaxed

Having an easy-going mood or temperament. | Eased or loosened. | Free from tension or anxiety, at ease.
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