Release in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Release

1. Your release was different. 🔊

2. Why should he not seek release by this way? 🔊

3. There was no release because of risk or difficulty. 🔊

4. Turning to release it she gave a fearful shriek. 🔊

5. She strove to release it, but he clung to it despairingly. 🔊

6. When he would release it, the other arm was seized. 🔊

7. I release you, Mercedes. 🔊

8. Her hand was wrenched out of his grasp before he had time to release it. 🔊

9. In this case their speedy release was to be looked upon as assured. 🔊

10. He would release her from her debt, and just appeal to her through his love. 🔊

11. The year of a release date is no longer part of the directory path. 🔊

12. Straightening up, he swung the lever far enough back to release the stone. 🔊

13. First thing I did was to release my wardrobe and dummies from embargo. 🔊

14. I forsook my native land and wrote her I would release her from her vow. 🔊

15. Then Ivan and I shall free ourselves and release the others. 🔊

How to use Release in Sentences?

1. How seldom promises made in slavery are remembered after a release from bondage. 🔊

2. Her sense of humor was too strong in this case to be denied its release in laughter. 🔊

3. How simple a matter it seems at first glance to release a bomb and hit a given point below. 🔊

4. Again, there is the tenacious talker, who refuses to release you though you concede his arguments. 🔊

5. For five hours people passed, with curious glances, but no movement to release the criminal. 🔊

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