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  • A man is valued according to his faithfulness and reliability, and these chiefly determine the measure of his true usefulness.
  • This was a merely formal intimation that it was assumed that I could produce the usual references of steadiness, reliability and so forth.
  • When the results from the two investigations are averaged we have figures of considerable reliability, and fairly accurate data on numerous interesting questions.
  • But now through the war the airplane factories have made enormous progress and helped the aviator to attain new marks in speed, reliability and endurance.
  • Do the degree of reliability and consistency, and this constant error vary in any way with the individual, with the circumstances, and with the particular trait that is being estimated?
  • Investigations made in different sections show a wide variation depending upon custom, competition, the reliability and industry of the customer, the amount of advances, and the length of credit.
  • The consistent reliability and efficiency of the C.A.V. Lighting Sets is vouched for by the owners of the 15,000 cars on which the system has been adopted.
  • His personal reliability and the manly firmness of his bearing, the culture of English social life, English art and style, have given Imperial Germany many points of contact and grounds for sympathy.
  • The reliability and correctness of these records for the schools named are vouched for and verbally certified by the principals as the most dependable and in large part the only information of its kind in the possession of the schools.
  • Unknown to him, Dudgeon set numberless traps and pitfalls to test his reliability, and when, on every occasion, the man came through the tests unscathed, he received so much consideration from the taciturn old misanthrope, that he was currently regarded in the light of the heir to the Dudgeon millions.
  • But when it is preserved into manhood, deepened into reliability and maturity, it is that glorified childlikeness, that high and reverend simplicity, which shames and baffles the most accomplished astuteness, and is chosen by God to fill his purposes when he needs a ruler for his people, of faithful and true heart, such as he had who was our President.
  • The monoplane, indeed, captured most of the early records for speed and it was this type of machine that was generally built by the sportsman type of airman, while men like the Wright brothers and others whose aim was to develop an airplane of unusual reliability and suited to many purposes, turned to the biplane and gave many hours and months and years of their time to its improvement.
  • It offers a good means of making provision for one's family; the members being Scotch and of Scottish descent, are of a more than ordinary good stock, and the health standard is high; being managed by Scotsmen, whose trustworthiness and business shrewdness are proverbial, there are reliability and ability in a rare degree.
  • I can conceive of no circumstances in which he might be placed where his reliability and firmness would prove inadequate to the occasion."
  • Since AT&T's software is in fact exceptionally stable, systems rarely have to go into "fault recovery" in the first place; but AT&T has always boasted of its "real world" reliability, and this tactic is a belt-and-suspenders routine.
  • He left Flora on board the brig, with Sailor as her companion and protector, not caring to risk the girl's safety on the catamaran until the reliability and sea-going qualities of the latter had been tested; but he promised her that he would not be absent more than two hours at the utmost, when, if everything proved satisfactory, he would return and take her for a cruise; and he suggested that she might devote the interval to the preparation of a luncheon-basket to serve them for the day.

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  • Reliability and truth were at that time still identical.
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