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  • Interesting relic of the past!
  • Can this be a relic of religious metaphysics?
  • He showed their small relic again with assurance.
  • A deeply interesting relic of the sixteenth century.
  • Of course, it may be a relic of the last tenant.
  • Some have imagined it to be a sacred relic from the tomb of kings.
  • The whole century was a sort of great relic of the favorite.
  • The last article is getting quite fashionable as a relic of genius.
  • Sick and dismayed, they stood in awe before this relic of the past.
  • This custom is probably a relic of old Scandinavian mythology.
  • English is out of date here--a relic of the Dark Ages.

How To Use Relic In A Sentence?

  • This relic is considered a very efficient remedy for cutaneous disorders.
  • Must it be hung on the staircase, or should some other relic give place to do it honor?
  • It is a relic of those lawless old days of smuggling that are so dear to youthful minds.
  • I had always hated beards, and considered them a relic of prehistoric barbarity.
  • Stoicism is after all but a relic of barbarous times, and may be greatly over-rated.
  • Do you remember that lonely graveyard in the woods, relic of some community of early settlers?
  • That old woman reminds me of some fallen queen, left here a relic of ages long gone by.
  • If there was no other relic in Rome, one would willingly become a pilgrim to his ashes.
  • It is all picturesque enough, and a relic of old life in Naples which is worth seeing.
  • It is doubtful if it is generally known that this relic of the Spanish Armada is in existence.
  • A very beautiful relic of the Middle Ages it is when seen from the gardens of Exeter College.
  • Even on the grounds there is a quaint brick gateway, which is the only relic of a palace which preceded the present pile.
  • But for a section of white wall to either side of it, the relic might have seemed part of the shadows.
  • Things were quite different to what they had imagined them; for as it turned out, the umbrella was a treasure, a relic in a church.
  • But, seriously, is it likely that the apostles would have made a relic of a portion of the fish which they had prepared for their dinner?
  • This celebrated ecclesiastical relic of the olden time is doubtless the finest ruin of its kind in Europe.
  • Depositing the precious relic in a hunting pouch he wore at his side, he mounted his horse, rather puzzled where to go.
  • Commentators have been puzzled to account for this evident relic of serpent worship in a religion so abhorrent of idolatry as that of the Jews.
  • The all-unsuspected and unknown cellar was no simple relic of a bygone age, but displayed every sign of recent usage.
  • On account of the sins of men this relic was made invisible, but now and then it appeared, borne by angels or floating in a heavenly light.
  • Epilogues are gone out of fashion, and are only retained as a relic of the past at the annual play of the Westminster boys.
  • But every year the shabby stream of progress rises and engulfs one relic or another, carrying off many and many a landmark and memory.
  • He could not bear the thought of losing Sidney as an inmate of his cheerless home, a tender relic of his early love.
  • It was one of the daily anonymous sonnets, of which Daniel had told me, and the bud a relic of the bouquet accompanying it.
  • No Teutonic idol has survived; the loss to art may not be great, but such a relic would have settled the controversy.
  • Indeed, they turned their huge, kohl-tinted eyes upon the relic with envy, and stretched their painted hands towards it as if to a god in prayer.
  • A Norman arch, probably the relic of an older building, fills the opening of a transept on the south side.
  • Whether these "Beltane fires" are a relic of the ancient fire worship or of still older rites may be a question.
  • It seems peculiar that this relic was not moved to the new church at the same time as the remains of St. Paulinus.

Definition of Relic

(transitive, uncommon, often of guitars) To cause (an object) to appear old or worn, to distress. | That which remains; that which is left after loss or decay; a remaining portion. | Something old and outdated, possibly kept for sentimental reasons.
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