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  • I followed these sad relics to the sepulchre.
  • Two precious relics of medieval times are also kept here.
  • Could they have delivered them up to the apostles to be made relics of?
  • Scattered about in odd corners were not a few interesting relics of the past.
  • Now let us consider how many relics of the true cross there are in the world.
  • Of their numerous relics scattered over the world I shall not speak.
  • These relics are kept under glass in Henry IV's chantry.
  • In the church of Saint Olaf were preserved ye relics of King OlafSec.
  • It is he that will raise Patrick's relics a little before the Judgment.
  • His relics--the relics of Letha--were stolen from Patrick.

How To Use Relics In A Sentence?

  • Certainly the relics took no shame from such a seizure and such a guardianship.
  • I shall not speak of her other relics shown in more than a hundred different places.
  • His remains and relics are here regarded with honor and veneration by the earthly church.
  • He then went down and admitted them, and they viewed with surprise the relics of the feast.
  • The principal relics of our Lord are, however, those relating to his passion and death.
  • Such may be seen among the relics preserved to us from the civilizations of Western Asia.
  • It may be said that it is not likely all these relics should be preserved without some sort of correct history being kept of them.
  • Are not each one of those the relics of one or another wound, reopening again and again with the strains of the present.
  • The most ancient relics of the earliest dynasty are the massive works of an organised society and an accomplished art.
  • If these relics were properly examined, it would be seen that the claims of both parties are equally absurd.
  • Apple-trees with only here and there an apple on the boughs, among the thinned leaves, the relics of a gathering.
  • When relics only exist, they in many cases become specially interesting through containing some personal memorial.
  • He is unable, however, to produce any other argument in support of the worship of relics than the example of those who had practised it.
  • She also mentioned that the relics taken out in excavations were all found on that side, indicating that the old city had been built there.
  • The chief scenes of the life of the founder became holy places and objects of pilgrimage, where relics were exposed for adoration.
  • Eating immensely, and, when satisfied, putting the relics in their trunk, and rubbing down the table.
  • Two other manuscripts, relics of the old monastic library, have been found on the shelves, but the rest are scattered.
  • In some parts there are incalculable quantities of relics of fossil fishes, scales of fishes, and shells resembling mussels.
  • In short, the desire for relics is never without superstition, and what is worse, it is usually the parent of idolatry.
  • Benkoelen as an oasis of civilisation, the steeply-tiled roofs remaining as relics of the English occupation a century ago.
  • There is at least one "secret chamber" in the Cathedral for the hiding away of relics or of treasures.
  • They come down to us from rough old days; but they are relics of a time when life, if rough, was at least kind and hearty.
  • She had her lamps and her torches and her chandeliers, as we see in the relics of Herculaneum and Pompeii.
  • I think that the exhibitors of these relics should at least have made some arrangement amongst themselves the better to conceal their barefaced impostures.
  • And others say the relics of the maidens were brought to Ard-Macha, where they await the resurrection.
  • They did not rest satisfied with this multiplication of his body and separate limbs, but they converted into relics the arrows with which he was killed.
  • Apart even from their value to the historiographer and the antiquary, few relics of the past are more suggestive or interesting than the old magazine or newspaper.
  • The Dublin Museum preserves relics of that heroic time, the trappings of war-chariots and horses, arms and ornaments.
  • The memory of the past was entirely obliterated from the hearts of the people, and every year buried the relics of the former religion in a deeper grave.
  • How many of the choicest relics of antiquity are lost to us, because they tempted the thief to steal them, and then to hide his theft by melting them!

Definition of Relics

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of relic | plural of relic
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