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  • That relieves me of all suspicion.
  • Thus it relieves the gods of all blame.
  • The gushing flood relieves me.
  • It only indirectly relieves the situation at home.
  • They say it relieves them to communicate their troubles.
  • Butter; relieves thirst.
  • I may assume that this relieves you of a great burden.
  • Well, that relieves my mind to a certain extent.
  • He calls it French, and relieves his conscience.
  • Another touch of comedy relieves the gloom of that heavy day.
  • The cough is very painful, and death quickly relieves the sufferer.
  • I'll stand upon my honor, Mercy relieves me.

How To Use Relieves In A Sentence?

  • It at once relieves and expresses him; he feels more himself while he is doing it.
  • This decoction relieves the most obstinate asthma, as well as cough and bronchial irritation.
  • This may often involve long watching, but it relieves the result from all uncertainty.
  • You cannot imagine how much the presence of Leo relieves the feeling of perfect loneliness.
  • This, if true, relieves the Swastika from all relation with the circle as a symbol of the sun.
  • One of the strongest arguments ever yet brought against bread-making is, that it relieves us from the necessity of mastication.
  • This regulation relieves want without pauperising, the common garner merely serving as a compulsory savings bank.
  • It relieves the little vexations and cares of life, soothes the harassed mind, and promotes quiet reflection.
  • There is a lightness, however, about their foliage, which greatly relieves what would otherwise be a gloomy scene.
  • There is this in its favor, however; it relieves young girls from the strain incident upon a large party or ball.
  • The effort at thought to which we are compelled relieves and affords a dreary retreat, like hiding in a brick-kiln till the shower be over.
  • If possible, the patient should perspire freely in long packs, whilst a wet compress relieves the local inflammation.
  • Hot water is good for constipation, torpid liver, and relieves colic and flatulence, and is of special value.
  • Such a service relieves the tedium of a Sunday afternoon, and has something of the charm a dog finds in pursuing his own tail.
  • Where the guiltless are found suffering, He relieves their necessities, and brings them once more that happiness which they deserve on earth.
  • The words, "no presents," need not prevent any who wish from making a gift, but relieves those who may not be prepared.
  • Clark, George Rogers, relieves St. Louis, 24 sends troops into the Indian country, 25.
  • You and I enjoy it longer, because it brings back old memories and relieves us from the toils of business and the restraints of conventional life.
  • I, at any rate, shall be here if troubles come; or if I am gone, that will remain which relieves troubles.
  • This elevates and equalizes the electro-vital action, and relieves the difficulty. TRISMUS.
  • There is no rule, however, limiting the reading to any one person, and Arthur often relieves us of that duty.
  • St. Ignatius gives it as one of the fruits of whole-hearted sacrifice in the Society, that it relieves its members of all care.
  • He seems to have kept hot a grudge against the theatre: and he relieves his feelings by taking it out of the stage-folk he introduces into his novels.
  • How shall I tell you, at any rate, today, how your letter touches and even, as it were, relieves me?
  • We are committed in this country to the principle that the public school cannot teach religion, but this by no means relieves it of responsibility for moral character.
  • The fifth is always tuned to a fundamental below and hence always flattened, which relieves the tuner of any mental operation to determine which way he is to temper.
  • If the father relieves her of the teaching, and hears the lessons at night, she will see more reason than ever for doing all she can to facilitate their being well learned.

Definition of Relieves

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of relieve
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