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  • What is religious freedom?
  • The time of absolute religious freedom was not yet.
  • The new religious freedom was delightful to intoxication.
  • UP citizens have complete religious freedom.
  • Religious freedom?
  • Besides the romance of war there was the romance of religious freedom.
  • It was persecution that gave this country to civil and religious freedom.
  • On the other hand, this matter has no connection with religious freedom.
  • Religious freedom, my boy, is part of our great Constitution.
  • How are Williams's ideas as to religious freedom regarded now?

How To Use Religious Freedom In A Sentence?

  • Religious freedom and the obligation of grace after meat could then be put into the same category.
  • Clarendon gained for Carolinia a charter which opened the way for religious freedom.
  • We have personal freedom, civil freedom, religious freedom, and national freedom.
  • But the Zealots desired political as well as religious freedom, and they fomented rebellion.
  • The first home of social and religious freedom in America was in the Colony of Maryland.
  • Later, he revisited his native country, and showed his interest in the cause of religious freedom and unity.
  • Backus supposes that Williams saw some incidental result from the oath that would be prejudicial to religious freedom.
  • If they could secure Valentinian's intercession, they might obtain religious freedom at once.
  • It seems quite clear, too, that the struggle for civil and religious freedom and equality hindered the development of a good school system.
  • The issue had its importance, which has extended to the present day, as it established religious freedom in Germany.
  • Or if he could have lived in the times of persecution, or in the times when Christian men fought at once for civil and religious freedom!
  • Individual liberty, protection of personal rights, civil order, public instruction and religious freedom have followed its footsteps.
  • The issue had its importance, which has extended to the present day, as it established religious freedom in Germany.
  • The Puritans were ready to sacrifice their lives to preserve religious freedom, and to take the lives of those who desired a separate freedom.
  • They had entire religious freedom in Holland; but they thought they would have the same in America.
  • The Virginia act for religious freedom has been received with infinite approbation in Europe, and propagated with enthusiasm.
  • But it was only after prolonged resistance to the Arabs that the Copts accepted a change of masters, which gave them for a while religious freedom.
  • Did we get our ideas of government, of religious freedom, of the liberty of thought, from the Old Testament?
  • A French army had invaded Rome and put down the friends of political and religious freedom, yet not a word was said in reference to it.
  • But while he was fighting for the freedom of Peru, the Masonic clique was plotting against religious freedom in Colombia.
  • The measure establishing religious freedom, whereby people were not to be taxed for the support of a religion not theirs, was also the work of his hand.
  • While neither realized the sacredness of the principle of religious freedom, there is no doubt that both father and son possessed a liberality of feeling which placed them ahead of their age.
  • Turgot could only remonstrate; but the philosophic memorial in which he protested in favour of religious freedom and equality, gave the king a serious shock.
  • It provides for the maintenance of religious freedom, equality of political rights, liberty of speech and of the press, and no imprisonment for debt.
  • I thank Calvin for writing a book in favor of religious freedom, and I abhor him because he burned Servetus.
  • Your children will not bless your memory if, instead of civil and religious freedom, you bequeath to them the superstitions of monks and the double tyranny of popes and emperors.
  • The Rhode Island Baptists had plenty of majority when they pioneered the empire of religious freedom in America.
  • His pleas for a real religious freedom were in vain, and he was forced to wander from the colonial settlements and find a precarious home among the Indians.
  • It is only by constant vigilance that religious freedom is preserved, from which alone comes any high degree of morality, or any degree of free and upward-moving life among the people.
  • Although Holland afforded them religious freedom, they won their subsistence at the price of unremitting toil, which might be made even harder by renewal of hostilities.
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