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  • Philanthropic and religious bodies do not commonly make their executive officers out of saints.
  • The polarisation that had formed in religious belief was greater than any political ideology.
  • My mother was also very punctual with her religious duties, and rejoiced to watch me in the choir.
  • In the tenth century, a reigning monarch sent his sons to India for religious education.
  • In a mood of religious peace he sets about translating a passage of the New Testament into German.
  • Only under these conditions could religious training and systematic religious oversight be provided.
  • I refrain from accumulating further examples of the religious and poetic conceptions which it is customary to call pantheistic.
  • It was like a religious awakening without the sense of sin that she associated with her early conversion.
  • We thought nothing of throwing religious organisations out of employment or superseding all the newspapers by freely distributed bulletins.
  • Far be it from us to maintain that the morals of the Templars were purer than those of the other religious orders.
  • The system of government was inexpensive, and the religious establishment was mainly supported by the landed estates of the orders.
  • But the religious consciousness, if it has this symbolic idea of its reconciliation, still has it as a mere symbol or representation.
  • Alike in religious and political life he was impatient of sentimentalism, of rhetorical feeling, of wordy enthusiasm.
  • These handicraft-brethren practised the usual religious duties of the order, and were even allowed to be present at chapters.
  • In the final year, the religious societies openly confronted the politically controlled military, everywhere.
  • A rough and ready method, which served well in most cases with both sorts, was a profession of sudden religious awakening.
  • It is also astounding that the League should inflame laymen of no religious tendencies whatever to more violent antagonism.
  • At his funeral some hundreds of people, representing various religious and other bodies, attended to pay their last tribute of respect to him.
  • I do not think I was exceptionally precocious in reaching these conclusions and a sort of religious finality for myself by eighteen or nineteen.
  • He seemed to me to have no sense of the state, no sense and much less any love of beauty, no charity and no sort of religious feeling whatever.
  • It had several commodious religious houses, some large, well-built churches, and a number of handsome residences.
  • But for the prevalency of orthodoxy in "the Valley" he would have been considered eccentric in his religious views and practice.
  • But, sometimes, the religious principle would get in, and burst the hoops, and rive every mountain laid on top of it.
  • But, for the sake of argument, let us suppose that the unequal diffusion of religious knowledge has proceeded directly from the agency of God.
  • It is commonly taken for granted that as regards content there is more in feeling than in thought: this being specially affirmed of moral and religious feelings.
  • If proof of this assertion were needed, it is only necessary to compare the religious aspect of things in Cornwall and Brittany at the present day.
  • Palm-fronds, birds, and animals, geometric patterns, religious emblems, fruits and flowers, are represented in bewildering confusion.
  • They supervised the tilling of the soil, as well as the religious life of the people; and it was through them that the works of education and charity were administered.
  • Here we have the two necessary traits in the character of a great people: the love and the habit of civil liberty and religious conviction and independence.
  • In regard to the religious life of the converted Indians the Friars and Morga speak on the whole with no little satisfaction.
  • It is indeed the height and profanity of contradiction to seek to bind and subject to the secular code the religious conscience to which mere human law is a thing profane.
  • The Bishops of Glasgow had a religious establishment in the neighbouring sunward village of Nether Ancrum.
  • Of religious ones it might be expected to yield a rich harvest to the inquirer, when we call to mind all that has been written in ancient and modern times concerning the celebrated mysteries.

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  • He would compose still greater religious works.
  • Illustrated Religious Magazine.
  • Of the latter, ten parts are to be used for religious purposes.
  • It is said that the Dutch are the most religious race of to-day.
  • The commotion had drawn curious eyes from those religious citizens of Gothal.
  • The divine mind is the leading religious thought of the later works of Plato.
  • This religious experience of his youth bit deep into Goethe's character.

Definition of Religious

Concerning religion. | Committed to the practice of religion. | Highly dedicated, as one would be to a religion.
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