Religiously In A Sentence

Definition of Religiously

In the manner of religion. | Always.

How To Use Religiously In A Sentence?

  • Indeed these last facts have been religiously kept secret until chronicled here.
  • All those to whom hunting was the one worthy occupation in life kept religiously aloof.
  • And at the first grunts of the loyal anthem up they stood with religiously uplifted hats.
  • The respect due to rank and birth was religiously observed in this aristocratic tribunal.
  • Whilst feeding, these stood out conspicuously from the rest, and were religiously preserved.
  • But acting under orders, they refrained religiously from ever passing near the store tent.
  • She gives us a hearty welcome, shaking hands religiously all along our lengthy line.
  • Let their charity be without respect of persons, alike towards all such as religiously fear God.
  • He there erected the Dzedi Dzoulamani, wherein they were religiously deposited.
  • I cannot understand how a boy brought up as religiously as you have been can show such strange depravity.
  • A woman is religiously forbidden to taste of anything in the shape of eatables before it is given to a man.
  • How sick she was of pieces, and of playing them religiously before her father at least once a week!
  • There is a prudery which is not proper reticence that is cultivated by some people who happen incidentally to be religiously inclined.
  • Two or three were put into each of our baskets for breakfast, and the remainder were religiously restored to the pond.
  • Religion had never bothered him and so he, in his sober moments, religiously refrained from bothering religion.
  • We had met for the express purpose of making a night of it, and the pious intention was duly and most religiously carried out.
  • These sticks are carried by men selected by the chiefs and doctors in private council, and are religiously guarded.
  • For her own part, though she told herself religiously that she had done no wrong, she was singularly ill at ease.
  • His dying request was religiously observed by his trusty friend, who held him in his arms till he breathed his last.
  • We tended it as religiously as priestesses at an altar, or as primitive men building up a fire to keep off wild animals.
  • Its laws and secrets are, notwithstanding the great number of the members, most religiously concealed from the knowledge of the uninitiated.
  • We have always found you living according to the principles of progress, despising the impotent yelping of a religiously besotted mob.
  • Stewart smiled to remember how religiously he had believed in that stratagem, and how he had determined to practice it, if ever need arose!
  • The life and work of the home ought to train religiously for citizenship, by causing each to bear his due share of the burdens of all.
  • We set a day and the hour for rising; the night before laid out our tramping clothes and religiously went to bed at eight.
  • A Hindoo is religiously forbidden to commence any important work or set out on a journey on this day.
  • Though the ancestral anito are religiously bidden to the feast, the people eat it all, no part being sacrificed for these invisible guests.
  • Let us, therefore, hold fast to those who religiously follow peace; and not to such as only pretend to desire.
  • I tiptoed religiously by it, went on up to the big house where the three women slept, as if drawn to their abode by a sort of heliotropism.
  • I was sure, by her face, that she had already recommended her spirit most religiously to Heaven, and prepared herself for the worst.
  • And so those ties which have been broken will be restored, and ours which have been so religiously preserved will retain all their old inviolability.
  • To be sure, one of them, with her feet upon a crescent moon, kept her eyes fixed religiously on the ceiling, but this had become a habit.
  • To this practical, spiritual work, the people of Solaris religiously devote themselves, as being a life-work of the noblest order.
  • The fault does not rest so much with the poor unfortunate females as with the diabolical system which openly tolerates and religiously upholds polygamy.
  • He was succeeded by his son Thoodaudana, who, with his amiable wife, religiously observed the five precepts and the ten rules of kings.
  • Agellius learned from his slave that the cave had been known to him from the time he was a boy, and that it was one of the secrets which all who shared it religiously observed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Religiously | Religiously Sentence

  • This law we have religiously followed.
  • Put it religiously on a rack which protects the entire cutting edge.
  • While religiously observing this law we fell to discussing the future.

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