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  • Schrape was remarkably cool.
  • What a very remarkably marvelous man!
  • A remarkably successful type of small dirigible.
  • The 45th are a remarkably fine body of men.
  • Well, you are getting along remarkably well for recruits.
  • Dear, dear, what a remarkably providential thing.
  • The duck is infested by a remarkably slender form (Fig.
  • Alured and Trevor Lea have always been remarkably alike.
  • His manner was remarkably quiet, and his language precise and deliberate.
  • The boys became dumb, but they had remarkably speaking eyes.
  • His manner was dignified and courteous, and his expression remarkably shrewd.
  • He can paint pictures, and play remarkably well in certain characters.
  • She was easy to dress, being tall, slim and remarkably pretty.
  • In the soft light she seemed remarkably beautiful in a dark Spanish way.
  • As I swam remarkably well, I had no great difficulty in reaching it.
  • This man was a relation of the king's, and remarkably agile and quick.

How To Use Remarkably In A Sentence?

  • Many thousands of cattle are fattened annually in this way at remarkably low cost.
  • The open arcade under the roof has served to keep the woodwork in remarkably sound condition.
  • This remarkably successful ship has performed a continuous flight of 11-1/2 hours.
  • The plan of the church is remarkably complete, symmetrical, and well-proportioned.
  • They possess remarkably fine horses, which are greatly in demand for the Turkish cavalry.
  • I was remarkably struck with the appearance of your boys: such nice, clean, smart-looking youths.
  • I met a remarkably pretty girl down in the dressing-room," she continued; "one of the guests.
  • The Robin Hood rocks close by present remarkably fine examples of typical millstone-grit.
  • Afterwards we were invited to go over the palace and its grounds, which are remarkably beautiful, and then over the magnificent mosque.
  • As may be imagined, there are now remarkably few candidates for the necessary examinations, because it is virtually annihilated.
  • If you have ever paid any attention to the habits of animals, you will know that donkeys are remarkably cunning in opening gates.
  • His keen intellect and the remarkably sound judgment which he possessed for one of his years gave great promise of a brilliant future.
  • Likewise, the slime mould growing in damp fields and forests all around us can exhibit remarkably coordinated behaviour.
  • The young ladies, who were both very handsome, and remarkably like each other in person, were much admired by the cavaliers.
  • Another interesting point is, that while the larvae vary so remarkably in form, the adult ichneumon flies are remarkably similar to one another.
  • The Beloochees are a remarkably fine regiment, and work with a willingness and good-will which are beyond praise.
  • The honorable luminaries had been individually summoned {301} by fast-sailing comets, and there was a remarkably full attendance.
  • She knew, furthermore, that she had done them remarkably well; so well that people responded to every emotion she presented to them.
  • The operation seemed to be performed mostly with the hind feet, and was accomplished in a remarkably short time, considering the implements used.
  • Of course cowslips beside red willows are remarkably pretty, just as blue jays in a cedar with blue berries....
  • His eyes quickly took in her toilet; remarkably fresh it was, though it had been made on the Springfield sleeper.
  • The mouth is large but well shaped, with short, white, remarkably even teeth, seldom showing any canine projection.
  • The young man, now probably about six and twenty, had a remarkably handsome face, whose swift play of expression instantly betrayed the actor.
  • Christian churches have remarkably low doors elsewhere than in Julfa, to prevent the Moslems from stabling their cattle in them.

Definition of Remarkably

(manner) In a remarkable manner. | (degree) To a noteworthy extent. | (evaluative) Used to draw special attention to a proposition.
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