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  • She administered the simple remedies with which they were provided and nursed him back to health.
  • For many weeks these remedies of torture were vigorously and persistently enforced.
  • This insect may be destroyed by the same remedies as are used for lice and for the human itch.
  • By opposing these remedies thou shalt conquer the appearance, nor be led captive by it.
  • And to this evil, instead of increasing it, we ought to apply all the remedies in our power.
  • The Arabs are very ignorant of medicine and their remedies are either foolish or cruel.
  • Even at the present day Iodine is one of those remedies that require a good deal of elucidation.
  • And that was all that I could do, so far as remedies were concerned, until the coffee arrived.
  • Why should we not hope when new remedies are multiplying in such infinite excess over newly discovered diseases?
  • The evils for which we have to find remedies have been of slow growth, and they can only be slowly cured.
  • The great point is to syringe or paint with one of these remedies as soon as the evil is perceived.
  • Even our medical journals are heavily padded with pages of new remedies whose use involves the most amazing credulity.
  • When folks were ill in those parts they had to fight for life as best they could, with a few patent remedies to aid them.
  • He administered such simple remedies as they had at hand, tucked her up warmly in bed and sat by her side until she was asleep.
  • These remedies were not successful, because no means were employed to arrest the inflammation, which gave rise to the suppuration.
  • The remedies proposed to the committee were either a prohibition of export or the enhancing of the English monies.
  • But what this experience really proves is, that the defects of the system were even then admitted, while the remedies are still to be applied.
  • My experience has led me to prefer Kali carbonicum to all other anti-psoric remedies in this disease.
  • Medicinal remedies are seldom of much avail, as the disease has already reached a stage in which the mind is at least as much affected as the body.
  • Indeed all remedies that act as diuretics should, in general, be shunned, and the patient should be prohibited from drinking too much.
  • Leeches, in pretty large numbers, must also be used, as well as all the remedies already enumerated.
  • Do not take the advice of mothers, who tell of this, that, and the other thing, which have proved excellent remedies in their experience.
  • Some remedies will be suggested later, and by having smaller forests, more carefully watched, some personal care can be given to the trees.
  • Medical science is at a very low ebb in Persia; purging and bleeding are the two remedies most resorted to by the native hakim.
  • On the same line with the remedies just mentioned, have been placed bleeding, general and local, though as we apprehend, very erroneously.
  • However, by the remedies which she constantly applied, in the course of three days I felt no further inconvenience.
  • As the years went on, my faith in remedies did not increase; but I had to dose to meet the superstitious needs of the people.
  • For these ulcers of the skin, the best remedies are, sulphur fumigations, nitro-muriatic acid baths, and ointment of tar and sulphur.
  • It will be adviseable to exhibit such remedies as, Peruvian bark; sarsaparilla; elm bark; mineral acids.
  • They talked over the matter and agreed that each should do all in its power to furnish remedies to cure the diseases which the wild folk had inflicted upon men.
  • This treatment is continued until the patient is quieted, after which the two remedies are permitted to act without any further repetition of the medicine.
  • It was a condition of affairs clamouring for remedies, but there was an immense amount of indifference and prejudice to be overcome before any remedies were possible.
  • So far I have never known these remedies to fail, and joy floods the soul and sends her swinging up, up, on to the topmost heights again.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Remedies | Remedies Sentence

  • Other remedies were tried, but they failed.
  • Cuts, remedies for, 240.
  • I lost no time in applying the remedies that I had to hand.
  • I thought of all the remedies that had been applied in such cases.
  • He studies injurious insects and diseases and devises remedies for them.
  • At present, as with our cattle-disease, all remedies are ineffectual.
  • Pulse 48 per minute; hunger great, and the remedies now unpleasant.

Definition of Remedies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of remedy | plural of remedy
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