Reminded in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Reminded

1. His physique reminded one of a defeated athlete. 🔊

2. Mercedes reminded him so much of his beloved Charnan. 🔊

3. These parties reminded one of a Sunday-school treat. 🔊

4. It was the first time she had ever reminded him of his dependency. 🔊

5. The scene before me reminded me of some of those described by Homer. 🔊

6. There was a bass voice among them that reminded me of Lablache. 🔊

7. It kind of reminded me of your pa," she said, sighing. 🔊

8. His long features reminded Chook of a horse he had once driven. 🔊

9. That reminded him of the deceased Sam, and he turned again to the monument. 🔊

10. I do not think I have ever reminded Isabel of that encounter. 🔊

11. He reminded Manguino of the promise that he made to him concerning Allen. 🔊

How to use Reminded in Sentences?

1. The objector may of course be reminded that religion tones down the self-complacency of morality. 🔊

2. I reminded Margaret that she was not altogether innocent of unearned increment. 🔊

3. I reminded him that I was there by appointment to offer him my book for publication. 🔊

4. I reminded her of the society to which Trimmer had subscribed solely to meet that expense. 🔊

5. He reminded her intensely of Bran, and for this reason she felt a great leaning to him. 🔊

6. Harking back to lobsters, I am reminded of a tragedy to which I was an eyewitness. 🔊

7. The scene at Cremorne Point had suddenly reminded Clara that she was playing with fire. 🔊

8. He was slow of speech, with a nasal twang that reminded me of Dr. Horace Bushnell. 🔊

9. She frowned in an effort to think what the strange figure reminded her of, and suddenly she remembered. 🔊

10. She ordered him about with a haughty indifference which reminded him of his own way with the dark-eyed women whom he had known so well of old. 🔊

11. There was a horrible verity in this story that reminded me of some of the tragic fictions of Dante. 🔊