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  • We did a little remodeling of our old shack.
  • Also, restoration would give opportunity for remodeling and improvement.
  • Launched a comprehensive plan for remodeling Central City.
  • Under the direction of Mr. George Hunt Ingraham, the remodeling was begun.

How To Use Remodeling In A Sentence?

  • This is but one of those ingenious methods by which remodeling is made successful.
  • After the remodeling was commenced, many interesting facts of construction were brought to light.
  • In remodeling a farmhouse, one should plan to build wide verandas, overlooking pleasing views.
  • It was a staircase that was responsible for the remodeling of one house which had no other unusual feature.
  • This estate is a lesson in reclaiming and remodeling that cannot fail to be instructive to all home builders.
  • Nature lends itself to the remodeling and suggests many ideas that help to identify the house with the personality of its owner.
  • In remodeling these houses of the early builders, any radical departure from the original scheme is seldom necessary.
  • In remodeling the house, so many changes have been made that it is almost impossible to tell the manner in which the improvements were effected.
  • In remodeling the house, the original outlines were carefully preserved, and the additions were made to conform.
  • The remodeling of the hall chosen introduced the sponsors of the movement to the fire-laws and resulted in a vast, unlooked-for expense.
  • The grounds showed little care, but in remodeling a brick-paved terrace was arranged at the left just outside the original parlor.
  • It is a good plan, after remodeling a house, to carry out this scheme of our forebears and have a narrow bed following the line of the house.
  • In remodeling this house, an ell has been added at the rear for the service department, and a sun-parlor has been thrown out at one side.
  • In planning the remodeling of a farmhouse, has it ever occurred to you how much of the appearance of the exterior depends upon the architecture of verandas and porches?
  • It is one of the additions which are imperative in remodeling the house, however, and it becomes something of a problem because there is no more definite authority for it.
  • There can be no doubt that the possibility of such remodeling activity is given, but as far as education is concerned certainly grave misgivings ought to be felt.
  • The old wall and door here were cut away in the remodeling to produce an impression of spaciousness and give a vista from the entrance clear through the house and into the garden at the rear.
  • During the first, the physical body is raised to a level at which it becomes able to undergo the necessary remodeling which is to serve as a basis for consciousness of outer objects.
  • Light and air have been carefully considered in the remodeling of the entire house and have particularly been sought in designing this room, as is shown by the many windows on either side.
  • This was originally the parlor in the farther side of the double house and has been left practically its original shape and size, for in this part of the house very little remodeling has been done.
  • The most interesting idea in remodeling is presented by the old barn, which has been converted into a large music-room or hall, with a rustic platform at one end.
  • In remodeling a house many people tear down these old chimneys for the space which may be converted into closet use and alcoves, making a smaller chimney do service.
  • And so Cornwall had the cheerful and gratuitous assistance of an architect in remodeling his home, who otherwise would have charged more than he contemplated spending for improvement.
  • This necessitates a remodeling of commonly accepted views, an entire giving up of the Lamarckian belief that use and disuse have their effect on progeny.

Definition of Remodeling

present participle of remodel | An instance of modification or redecorating.
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