Remorseful In A Sentence

How To Use Remorseful In A Sentence?

  • She felt quite remorseful when the remembrance of the chivalrous young man came into her mind.
  • Pity came back in a remorseful wave, and she ran to him and lifted his arm to her shoulder.
  • He could not, even by the most remorseful determination, conjure up the living thought of her.
  • I asked, to divert his remorseful thoughts, and unable to restrain my curiosity.
  • Finally, tired of disputing, and remorseful for their acrimony, they dined amicably together.
  • She did not know how Joe West, remorseful and penitent, was peeping at her from his window.
  • And Miss Campbell fell into a remorseful reverie, which lasted till she got home.
  • I was not remorseful about my own part in the affair, and did not now accuse myself of being responsible for the quarrel.
  • Wyn felt rather remorseful that she had not let her shopping wait and followed the strange girl out of the store immediately.
  • He felt remorseful that he had practised a mild deception on your father, and wished to clear his conscience.
  • He forgave, but did not forget, nor defend with remorseful tenderness his brother's memory.
  • There is a remorseful experience of my own, of which I should be glad to unburden myself to the reader.
  • His whole frame would at times tremble with gusts of remorseful passion, and again he would sigh long and drearily.
  • Her husband was in no danger whatever; and this thought, whilst relieving her, left her a somewhat remorseful feeling.
  • These are the letters that were sent to you at Frederick, with a few remorseful lines, from the scoundrel who wrought all the trouble.
  • Unlike the distracted, remorseful Lutie, she was the source of great inspiration to those who worked over the sick man.
  • But suddenly, before he was aware, a wave of remorseful shame came over him, and he sprang to his feet as one awaking from some hideous dream.
  • So she did not cry easily, but in a kind of shaken, broken fashion that brought a remorseful Polly on the floor at her feet.
  • In the study on the other side of the door, remorseful Bea was wearing several paths in their best rug, as she waited for some sign.
  • It was but a momentary aberration, and is recorded only to show that, however remorseful he felt afterwards, there was life in our Tommy still.
  • The child had struck against an edge of stone and was bleeding, and after supper the father rocked him to sleep crooning over him in remorseful tenderness.
  • In the morning, while he was remorseful and nearly ill, Ikey, the faithful, had sought him out, having in some way heard of the quarrel.
  • His remorseful eyes never strayed from the bowed figure of Eva Gonorowsky, for whose pleasure and honor he had striven so long and vainly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Remorseful | Remorseful Sentence

  • Anne gave a remorseful cry.
  • I expected her to do something remorseful and pathetic.
  • Sylvia spoke in a paroxysm of remorseful sorrow.
  • But another pang shot through my remorseful heart.
  • Francis felt quite remorseful enough already.
  • His master turned back with a laughing, remorseful face.
  • I feel a kind of remorseful over you, child, to-day.
  • Annoying or remorseful thought became in a moment excitement.
  • He has been very remorseful that he treated her badly at one time.
  • She brushed her cheek against his sleeve with a remorseful gesture of appeal.
  • Riding back to the camp she felt a trifle remorseful about her behavior.
  • A crust of statistics may ward off sickening and remorseful qualms.
  • I felt as remorseful as if every tear he was hiding was a drop of blood.
  • John again extended his hand, this time in a remorseful spirit of apology.
  • Softly she spoke, remorseful she looked, but the words wounded like a blow.
  • But, do you know, I feel most awfully remorseful about that poor fellow.
  • Lest you, as I am now, remorseful be For imitating U. S. Currency.

Definition of Remorseful

(of a person) Feeling or filled with remorse. | Expressing or caused by remorse.
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